Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our business and ordering from our website:

Q. What are your normal hours of business?
They are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm, excluding public holidays. (There is usually someone answering phones up till 6pm on weekdays.) Visit our contact page for contact details.

Q. What days are you closed over the holidays?
For our opening times over the Christmas or Easter holiday periods, please go to Holiday Closing.

Q. How secure is regarding payment card information?
For highest security, your card payment information is never saved, even temporarily, on our servers. This means that your account security and our website security are NOT protecting payment information because it is simply not there. Instead, we use a third-party payment gateway called Global Payments, so when you pay you are actually on the Global Payments’ website and not ours. Their security is at that highest level it can be — PCI DSS V3.2.1 level 1 compliance with cardholder data dual-tokenized — and even we as vendors never have access to your full card details. In addition, we do keep our website fully updated and PCI compliant.

Q. My payment keeps getting rejected and yet I know the card is good! What can I do?
Cards do not need necessarily to be blocked to get rejected, sometimes payment is rejected simply because the card company’s security software notices that you are not following your usual spending pattern: maybe you do not usually make purchases in the UK, or maybe the name or billing details entered are slightly different from those on your card statements. So the best thing to do when faced with a card payment rejection is to first check the card name and billing address have entered. If the card still gets rejected, you could try a different card or ring up your card company and ask them what the problem is. And please bear in mind that because we use a third-party payment system, it is not actually us or our website that is rejecting your payment but Global Payments and behind them VISA or Mastercard etc.

Q. Why does your website say so little about your products?
Despite any supporting scientific research, no claims that have not been specifically authorised by Brussels can be made for food supplements on EU based websites. Therefore, we do not make claims, and this is why some of our product descriptions can appear a little concise. However, an internet search can reveal more information, including possible therapeutic use.

Q. If I order today how soon will I receive my products?
We usually dispatch orders within 1 business day of receiving them. If for any reason there will be a delay in dispatch, we will email you. (This delay might be because you are ordering a product that we need to special order because we do not usually stock it, which generally involves the extended PRL Practitioner range.) How soon your order will be delivered will obviously depend on the delivery address. Generally, UK orders are sent by Royal Mail signed for or by courier (depending on value and weight), and delivery usually takes a few days. EU orders tend to take up to a week to arrive, but often sooner. And orders being sent to countries outside the EU can take a few weeks, often because they can be held up by the destination country’s Customs. We have no control over Customs, but if an order is eventually confirmed lost, we will of course either send out a replacement or refund you your money. This policy of replacement or refund for lost orders obviously applies to UK and EU orders as well. For more on delivery and shipping, visit:

Q. Where are your terms and conditions?
You can find our T&Cs here:

Q. What is your returns policy?
You can find our Returns Policy here:

Q. Are you VAT registered and, if so, what is your VAT number?
We are VAT registered and our number is: GB 657 0853 16

Q. How long has The Really Healthy Company Ltd. been in business?
We are an established company originally founded back in  February 1995 by two people very much focused on a natural health lifestyle and distributing green foods in the UK. And our website has been up since 1997! (Although you will be pleased to hear that it has been updated a few times since.)