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Look After Your Heart And You Look After Your Brain

New research shows keeping your heart healthy also means that you will have less brain decline with age. A study published a couple of days ago in the Journal of the American Heart Association has found that [...]

One Week on an Organic Diet can Reduce Pesticide Load by 90%

Research shows that just one week on an organic diet can reduce our pesticide load by nearly 90%. Just one week on an organic diet will reduce your pesticide load by nearly 90%, according to [...]

Organic fruit and vegetables are twice as nutritious as non-organic foods and much less toxic

Research has recently proved that organic fruits and vegetables are twice as nutritious as their non-organic counterparts. Researchers at Newcastle University have undertaken a meta-study of 343 peer-reviewed nutritional studies on organic produce and concluded [...]

Intestinal bacteria ‘impacts food transit through the gut’

Food transit through the gut is regulated by intestinal bacteria a hormone called GLP-1, according to a new study. A study has highlighted the delicate balance of the intestinal microbiome in facilitating the transit of [...]

Heart disease similar for men and women, says study

Contrary to what some people believe, heart disease prognoses are similar between both men and women. While there are many physiological and psychological differences between men and women, in many ways we are fundamentally the [...]

New treatments for heart and endocrine disorders ‘could be on the way’

Scientists in the US believe their findings concerning brown fat stem cells could lead to new heart and endocrine disorder treatments being developed. A recent discovery by scientists in the US could pave the way [...]

Brain reward gene influences what we eat early in life

The brain may play an important role in deciding what we like to eat when we are younger. New research has suggested that a gene in the brain is responsible for influencing what food we [...]

Rheumatoid arthritis, cancer link may present therapeutic potential

A link between a molecule common in some cancers and rheumatoid arthritis may be a potential lead for therapy. Any research that shows potential for new and more innovative therapeutic interventions to be formulated for [...]

Worldwide cardiovascular fitness in decline, says study

Recent statistics suggest that children's cardiovascular fitness is not as good as that of their parents at their age. Results from a recent study presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2013 are suggesting [...]

Diet of men with prostate cancer ‘could affect outcomes’

Men with prostate cancer are being advised to take a look at their diet as it could affect health outcomes. There are certain medical conditions and unfavourable outcomes that are entirely unavoidable, with the best [...]

Improved heart health linked to brushing teeth

A new study has shown that oral and cardiac health may be closely linked. Members of the general population and medical professionals alike will always welcome information and research providing guidance as to the best [...]

Could probiotics be used to treat depression?

It is thought that certain probiotics could offer the potential for treating psychiatric illnesses. Probiotics - organisms, such as bacteria or yeast - have long been known to present certain health benefits. Now, however, it [...]

Exercise during pregnancy recommended

It has been suggested that it may be beneficial for their unborn child if women exercise when they are pregnant. There are many things that women can do while pregnant that can help to safeguard [...]

Curcumin: What’s all the fuss about?

Much has been said about the potential health benefits of curcumin. There are many things that people can do nowadays to help safeguard their health into their later years - enjoying a balanced diet, undertaking [...]

Obesity ‘behind increase in knee replacements’

It has been claimed that the obesity epidemic is behind a rise in the number of knee replacement operations. New research has suggested that rising obesity rates among under-25s are behind a boost in the [...]

Scientists discover obesity gene

Research may put to bed the age-old debate about whether or not there is a genetic risk factor associated with obesity. Medical professionals and members of the public alike have long debated whether or not [...]

Link between subclinical myocardial injury and sleep apnoea discovered

New research has highlighted a connection between sleep apnoea and subclinical myocardial injury. Scientists had already uncovered a link between obstructive sleep apnoea - also known as OSA - and an increased risk of cardiovascular [...]

Are children affected by their mother’s anxiety or depression?

Children could be affected by maternal anxiety and depression, according to a new study. Research continues to be done into how and to what extent maternal symptoms of various conditions can impact on their offspring. [...]

Elderly ‘should learn new skills’ to keep their mind ticking over

A new study has suggested that learning mentally stimulating new skills could be good for the mental health of the elderly. Growing old - and the health implications that may come with it - is [...]

Effects of excessive alcohol consumption explored

A new study has returned worrying results about the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. It has long been known by anyone who is even remotely conscious of health issues that excessive consumption of alcohol is [...]

Scientists uncover the secrets of ‘healthy’ brown fat cells

A team of scientists has identified how brown fat cells are produced - findings that could play a key role in the fight against obesity. Scientists have moved a step closer to understanding how brown [...]

Supplements ‘may benefit postmenopausal women with invasive breast cancer’

New research has highlighted the benefits of multivitamin and mineral supplements for older women with postmenopausal breast cancer. Much has been written about the potential benefits of dietary supplements, be they vitamins, minerals, compound formulas [...]

Osteoporosis could threaten women’s independence, says study

Osteoporosis could threaten women's future independence, according to a new report. It is no secret that as people grow older, it becomes increasingly important to keep a closer eye on health and wellbeing, as the [...]

Problems with breastfeeding make first-time mums ‘more likely to quit’

A new study has revealed that women who have problems breastfeeding their first-born are more likely to give up trying. Many mothers may find they experience all sorts of problems when it comes to breastfeeding [...]

Combination of Chinese, Western medicine to help cancer patients investigated

Cardiff and Peking universities have been working together to explore the benefits to cancer patients of a Chinese herbal medicine. After collaborating for two years, Cardiff University and Peking University have made a breakthrough in [...]

Diet more responsible for cancer than genes, says expert

Patrick Holford has said diet plays a more significant role in statistics for cancer cases than genes do. The British nutritional therapist and author Patrick Holford has claimed that diet plays just as important a [...]

Diet and genes combine to affect digestive health

Diet and genetics are linked when it comes to digestive health - and understanding this relationship could shed important light on the treatment of Crohn's disease. The type of food an individual eats, combined with [...]

Cholesterol treatments could lead to memory loss, scientists warn

Two commonly-taken treatments for bad cholesterol could harm cognitive function, Bristol scientists warn. Statins commonly use to lower 'bad cholesterol' levels in the blood could also have an adverse effect on memory, scientists working in [...]

New digestion model offers insight into ulcer treatment

A new medical research model based on pigs closely mirrors similar clinical case studies in humans - and could shed important light on ulcer treatment. Using a research model based on pigs, rather than mice, [...]

Health expert shuns negativity surrounding menopause

Dr Marilyn Glenville has said she doesn't think all the negative sentiment surrounding the menopause helps the situation. Throughout our lives, each and every individual will go through various natural stages that make up the [...]

Paracetamol boosts exercise performance, study claims

The popular painkiller could improve your ability to exercise, research has found. While paracetamol may traditionally offer a source of pain relief to those suffering illness or injury, a new study claims it could also [...]

Arginine ‘eases pain levels for sickle cell disease patients’

Sickle cell disease patients treated with arginine suffer less pain than those treated with opioids, scientists have found Therapy designed to harness the benefits of arginine could be a safe, affordable and effective way of [...]

Link between obesity, insulin resistance and fructose established

A study has discovered how fructose produced by the body could be behind obesity and insulin resistance. There are many old wives' tales that get passed between fellow dieters and people conscious of their weight [...]

Curcumin shows anti-viral potential against hepatitis C

A study suggests that curcumin could help prevent hepatitis C from entering liver cells. Curcumin appears to have powerful anti-viral properties that could help to protect patients with hepatitis C after undergoing a liver transplant, [...]

Cell division ‘master controller’ discovered

The discovery of the 'master controller' of cell division could improve both understanding and treatment of cancer. Scientists believe they may have discovered the master controller behind cell division, leading some to be hopeful that [...]

Obesity gene testing ‘can reduce self-blame overweight’

UCL research highlights the potential benefits of testing for the gene FTO from a weight control perspective. A study has suggested that obesity gene testing can have a positive effect on people's attitudes towards their [...]

Eat broccoli to stave off osteoarthritis, say experts

New guidelines suggest that eating broccoli may help to slow progress of the most common form of arthritis. Eating plenty of green veg as part of a healthy, balanced diet has long been the advice [...]

Teenage weight loss ‘disguising other health problems’

Mayo Clinic researchers have warned that eating disorders are not being diagnosed in teenagers who lose weight unhealthily. All too often, eating disorders are not being diagnosed in obese teenagers who lose weight, it has [...]

Fingers may hold the key to heart health, suggests research

A physiologist believes he has discovered a new technique to ascertain the condition of the heart - more specifically, the aorta. A physiologist from the University of Iowa believes that medical professionals may be able [...]

Spotting early signs of sepsis ‘is not easy’

The Health Service Ombudsman has acknowledged identifying sepsis early is difficult. Identifying early signs of sepsis is difficult, one of the UK's healthcare officials has acknowledged. A new report by the Health Service Ombudsman pointed [...]

Education ‘could be key to tackling female obesity’

A study has suggested that educating people could be a key way to tackle the growing problem of obesity. New research has suggested that education might be a key area to target for those who [...]

‘About a quarter of us’ experience fewer, less diverse intestinal bacteria

A new study suggests that one-quarter of people have fewer and less diverse intestinal bacteria than the rest of the population. A five-year, EU-funded study - which used pioneering DNA analysis and bioinformatics techniques to [...]

Causes of deadly heart disease discovered

Researchers believe they have discovered the causes of staphylococcal infective endocarditis. Scientists continue to investigate the causes of a great number of conditions in order to garner a better understanding of them - and thereby [...]

Damaging bacteria ‘manipulate the human immune system to survive’

Researchers have shown how a damaging bacterium is capable of suppressing the human immune system, causing duodenal ulcers and stomach cancer. Researchers have shown how Helicobacter pylori - a bacterium found in the stomach lining [...]

Researchers hope for progress on Graves’ disease treatment

Scientists believe they may have made a breakthrough that could lead to a treatment for Graves' disease patients being developed. A treatment for people with Graves' disease could be on the cards as a result [...]

More support needed to help women complete tamoxifen course, says charity

Breast Cancer Campaign is calling for more support for women taking tamoxifen to help them to complete the five-year treatment course. As news fills the media of hundreds of women being forced to stop taking [...]

Complement system influences skin microbiome, reveals study

A new study has shown the role of the immune system in monitoring and maintaining bacterial populations on the skin. New research has shown that the immune system plays a crucial role in influencing the [...]

Stress gene enables spread of cancer, says study

New research has revealed a link between a stress gene in cells of the immune system and the spread of cancer. Scientists believe that a gene in immune-system cells known as ATF3 may be the [...]

Urinary incontinence common among cancer survivors

A study has found urinary incontinence to be relatively common among people who survive cancer. People who have been treated successfully for certain forms of cancer appear to have an increased risk of urinary incontinence, [...]

Immune system responsible for stress-related anxiety, says study

New research has identified how cells of the immune system are responsible for feelings of anxiety in an individual who is exposed to stress. When individuals are exposed to stressful environments, the ways in which [...]

Study suggests anaemia may increase risk of dementia

A US study has found a possible link between anaemia and dementia in later life. Older people with anaemia may be more likely to develop dementia than those without the condition, a study has found. [...]

Rheumatoid arthritis patients may benefit from grape seed extract

Early research suggests that grape seed extract may help to treat rheumatoid arthritis. People with rheumatoid arthritis may benefit from taking grape seed extract, a natural plant-derived extract that is often included in high-quality antioxidant [...]

Older people with low vitamin D ‘struggle with routine tasks’

A study suggests that vitamin D supplements may help to prevent physical decline among older people. Vitamin D deficiency increases the likelihood that people will struggle to perform routine tasks as they get older, a [...]

Vegetarians ‘have healthier gums’

Research suggests that vegetarians tend to have better gum health than meat-eaters, although they may be at risk of tooth decay if they fail to include enough vitamin D and calcium in their diet. Meat-eaters [...]

Vitamin D deficiency linked to increased risk of pre-eclampsia

A study suggests that women with insufficient levels of vitamin D in their blood may be more likely to experience pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. Women with a deficiency in vitamin D - the so-called 'sunshine vitamin' [...]

Antioxidants and vitamins linked to reduced risk of cataracts

A study has shown that certain antioxidants may help to reduce the risk of age-related cataracts. People with a high intake of antioxidants and certain vitamins may benefit from a reduced risk of age-related cataracts, [...]

Caesarean delivery linked to increased risk of allergy

Caesarean section delivery may have an adverse effect on the developing immune system. Children born by Caesarean section may experience slower immune system development and an increased risk of allergies in the future, scientists have [...]

Antioxidants ‘may treat neuropathic pain’

Early research suggests antioxidants may help to treat neuropathic pain. People with neuropathic pain - resulting from a problem in the nervous system - may benefit from taking a high-quality antioxidant supplement, new research suggests. [...]

Build-up of toxins inside the body ‘linked to economic status’

A study suggests that people are prone to accumulating different chemicals inside their bodies, depending on their income. People from all socioeconomic backgrounds are at risk of harmful toxins building up inside their bodies but [...]

Study finds link between bladder symptoms and metabolic syndrome

Korean scientists have identified a link between urinary symptoms and metabolic syndrome. Men with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS)/ benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) are at high risk of components of metabolic syndrome, a study has [...]

Lycopene linked to small drop in prostate cancer risk

The tomato ingredient lycopene may be associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer but is unlikely to make a significant difference on its own, scientists say. Men with a high intake of lycopene may [...]

Good state of mind ‘affects expression of immune system genes’

Good state of mind 'affects the expression of immune system genes'. A good state of mind may be beneficial for genes involved in the body's immune response, new research suggests. Scientists at the University of [...]

Women’s height ‘linked to postmenopausal cancer risk’

Research suggests tall women may have an increased risk of cancer. Women who are taller than average may have an increased risk of developing cancer following the menopause, a new study suggests. US researchers looked [...]

People are enjoying better health in later life

Research suggests that longer life expectancy has been accompanied by an improvement in people's health in their latter years. Concerns are often voiced about the fact that people are living for longer but in poorer [...]

Study finds elevated incidence of blood cancer near benzene-releasing facilities

Research suggests that living near to a benzene-releasing refinery or manufacturing plant may increase people's risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. People who live near facilities that release the chemical benzene into the environment may have an [...]

Fruit and veg intake linked to reduced risk of bladder cancer in women

Certain nutrients in fruit and vegetables seem to have a protective effect against bladder cancer, at least in women. Women who regularly eat fruit and vegetables may benefit from a reduced risk of bladder cancer, [...]

Antioxidants may help to protect vision

An eye expert at Harvard Medical School has underscored the importance of certain vitamins, minerals and other antioxidant nutrients for preventing vision loss. A high intake of antioxidants may help to prevent vision loss - [...]

Sugary foods and drinks identified as risk factors for bowel cancer

Fatty and sugary foods appear to increase people's risk of developing bowel cancer. A high-fat, sugary diet may increase people's risk of bowel cancer, new research in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention suggests. Scientists [...]

Study finds link between sleep deprivation and skin ageing

Research suggests that poor sleep may contribute to skin ageing and a reduced ability to recover from UV-related damage and other environmental stressors. Sleep is important for a number of reasons, one of which appears [...]

Polyphenol antioxidants linked to longevity

Research suggests that a high intake of polyphenol antioxidants may be associated with increased longevity. People with a high intake of polyphenol antioxidants may benefit from increased longevity, a new study suggests. Researchers in Spain [...]

Arsenic and acrylamide ‘pose a health risk in food’

Danish experts are concerned by people's intake of inorganic arsenic and acrylamide, both of which may increase the risk of cancer if exposure is high over a number of years. Consumers may want to take [...]

Study uncovers high levels of oxidative stress among obese people

A study suggests that obese people may be more prone to damaging oxidative stress than their normal-weight counterparts. Obese people may want to consider using antioxidant supplements, after a study found they tend to have [...]

Poor bladder health linked to other conditions in men

Men with bladder symptoms should visit their GP to ensure they do not have a related health problem. Bladder problems are often a symptom of factors outside of the bladder and prostate, Australian scientists have [...]

Evidence grows for role of BioBran MGN-3 in immune support

BioBran MGN-3 increasingly seems to be an effective product for amplifying the body's immune response to cancer. There is an increasing body of evidence supporting the use of a natural immunomodulator called BioBran MGN-3 to [...]

Turmeric ‘may improve liver function’

A study suggests that ingredients in the curry spice turmeric may help to support liver function. Substances in turmeric - a spice grown in India and commonly used for flavour and colour in curries - [...]

Antioxidant supplements ‘may boost male fertility’

Antioxidant supplements may help to improve men's fertility, evidence suggests. Men with reduced fertility may benefit from taking a high-quality antioxidant supplement, research suggests. Experts at the New Jersey Medical School and Hackensack University Medical [...]

Study finds arsenic may accumulate in conventional chicken meat

Chickens that are not certified as organic may expose consumers to potentially harmful arsenic. People who choose to eat meat and do not opt for organic produce may be exposing themselves to the environmental contaminant [...]

New cancer drug stimulates the immune system but is years from reaching the clinic

Another study has added to the growing body of evidence supporting an immunotherapy approach in the fight against cancer. A novel type of cancer drug that fights bowel cancer by stimulating the immune system has [...]

Worrying about the effects of stress ‘may affect the heart’

A study suggests that people's perceptions of stress can influence their heart health. People who worry about the effects of stress on their health may be doing themselves even more harm, a study in the [...]

Doubts cast over safety of drinking water

Research suggests that more needs to be done to ensure technologies for removing arsenic from drinking water are effective. Processes used to remove the environmental contaminant arsenic from drinking water may not be sufficiently effective, [...]

Many women recover from UTIs without antibiotics

A study suggests that many women prefer to let their bodies heal naturally when they get urinary tract infections. Many women with symptoms of urinary tract infections (UTIs) prefer to let their bodies heal naturally, [...]

Curcumin ‘may help people with depression’

A study suggests that curcumin supplements may help people on antidepressant medication to get more rapid relief from their symptoms. People with depressive symptoms may benefit from taking curcumin supplements alongside their antidepressant medication, new [...]

Investigational drug may help immune system to fight advanced cancer

Scientists believe an experimental type of immunotherapy could help to treat advanced cancers. An investigational drug being tested in early clinical trials could one day help to treat patients whose cancer has spread around the [...]

Study suggests immune system stimulation may help to fight brain tumours

Scientists believe it may be possible to treat an aggressive form of brain cancer by activating the body's natural immune response. The body's own defences could be harnessed to increase a person's chances of surviving [...]

Antioxidant carotenoids may slow hardening of the arteries

Men may be able to lower their risk of atherosclerosis by increasing their intake of various antioxidants. Men with high levels of carotenoids in their blood may benefit from delayed progression of atherosclerosis (hardening of [...]

Lycopene may modulate genes in prostate cancer

A study suggests that lycopene may influence genes involved in the growth and survival of prostate cancer cells. An antioxidant called lycopene may reduce men's risk of prostate cancer by influencing genes required for tumour [...]

Storage conditions ‘may affect antioxidant levels in vegetables’

Research suggests that vegetables may produce varying levels of antioxidants depending on the ambient light conditions. A study has discovered that the environment in which vegetables are stored after harvesting may affect their levels of [...]

Inflammation explains link between stress and weak immune system

A study has shed light on the harmful impact of stress on the immune system. Stress appears to increase a person's risk of illness by reducing the body's ability to regulate inflammation, new research suggests. [...]

Majority of women ‘have never discussed bladder health with their GP’

A survey shows that many women are reluctant to discuss urinary symptoms with their doctor. Two-thirds of women have never had a discussion about bladder health with their doctor, a survey has found. Research conducted [...]

Conventional cancer treatments ‘could become very expensive’

Immunotherapy is an exciting field of cancer research, but any new drugs are likely to be extremely expensive. Advances are constantly being made in the field of oncology, with immunotherapy representing a particularly exciting approach [...]

Study links immune system to mood disorders

A large new study shows a link between immunity and the risk of mood disorders. Scientists believe a person's immune system may play a role in determining their risk of mood disorders, such as depression [...]

Urinary incontinence can be mentally taxing for middle-aged women

Research has highlighted the major impact that urinary incontinence can have on women's mental wellbeing. Urinary incontinence is a common medical problem, but many middle-aged women who experience symptoms feel too embarrassed to discuss their [...]

Tomato antioxidant may ease night-time prostate woes

A food supplement containing lycopene alongside a range of other nutrients, vitamins and minerals could be beneficial for men with an enlarged prostate. Men who regularly need to visit the bathroom at night due to [...]

Early research suggests MGN-3 may help myeloma patients

A small clinical trial suggests that MGN-3 may have a beneficial effect on innate immunity in people with multiple myeloma. People with a form of cancer called multiple myeloma could benefit from taking a supplement [...]

Boost body’s natural defences to fight flu, scientists say

Boosting the activity of your immune system could be the best way to fight influenza, experts believe. Scientists say the best way to fight flu may be to bolster the immune system rather than targeting [...]

MGN-3 may reduce side-effects of radiotherapy

Lab tests suggest that BioBran MGN-3 arabinoxylan complex could help to protect against some of the side-effects of radiotherapy. People undergoing radiotherapy often experience unpleasant side-effects, but these could be eased with the use of [...]

Study raises concern about toxic metals in lipstick

A study has uncovered concerning levels of some metals in common brands of lipstick and lip gloss. Women may be exposing themselves to worryingly high levels of toxic metals whenever they apply their lipstick, scientists [...]

Air pollution ‘may be linked to hardening of the arteries’

A new study suggests that exposure to air pollution may increase the rate of atherosclerosis. People who are regularly exposed to air pollution may be more likely to develop atherosclerosis or 'hardening of the arteries', [...]

Survey finds Brits are failing to care for dental health

Good oral health can reduce the likelihood of many serious conditions, but it seems many Britons are unaware of this. Many Britons do not pay enough attention to their oral health or recognise the importance [...]

Curcumin may prevent fatty liver disease

Curcumin supplements could help to reduce the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, early research has found. People with an unhealthy diet who are concerned about their liver health may benefit from taking a food [...]

Actor Sir Michael Caine uses turmeric supplements for brain health

The potential health benefits of turmeric and its active ingredient curcumin are being recognised by an increasing number of people, with Oscar-winning actor Sir Michael Caine the latest celebrity to sing its praises. Acting legend [...]

Clinical trial supports safety of saw palmetto in men with urological symptoms

Men with benign prostatic hyperplasia may be reassured by recent research showing the safety of supplements containing saw palmetto extract. Taking saw palmetto is a safe approach to easing lower urinary tract symptoms due to [...]

Oral vitamin D3 ‘the treatment of choice’ for deficiency

A new clinical guideline has been published recommending oral vitamin D3 as the most effective treatment for vitamin D deficiency. People with insufficient levels of vitamin D should use an oral vitamin D3 supplement to [...]

Exercise ‘improves sleep’ among menopausal women

Women who wish to take a natural approach to dealing with menopausal symptoms may benefit from leading a more active lifestyle. Women who experience hot flushes, palpitations and other troublesome symptoms during menopause may be [...]

Natural approach favoured by people with MS

Research shows that many people with MS use supplements and herbal medicines to boost their overall health and wellbeing. A study involving people with multiple sclerosis (MS) has highlighted the widespread use of complementary therapies [...]

Vitamin D ‘vital for muscle function’

A new study shows that oral vitamin D supplementation may help to boost energy levels from within muscle cells. Vitamin D supplements can help to improve muscle function, a new study suggests. Researchers at Newcastle [...]

High levels of mercury linked to increased diabetes risk

Research has suggested a link between exposure to mercury in early adulthood and an increased risk of type-2 diabetes in later life. People who consume high levels of mercury may face an increase in their [...]

Link between meat compound and heart disease underlines benefits of vegetarian diet

New research may help to explain why a vegetarian lifestyle appears to be healthier for the heart than a meat-eating diet. A compound found in red meat may promote hardening of the arteries or 'atherosclerosis', [...]

Curcumin supplements may ease joint pain

People with osteoarthritis of the knee may benefit from taking a high-quality curcumin complex. People with persistent joint pain that fails to respond to conventional treatment may want to consider using a natural supplement such [...]

Pesticide exposure in the womb ‘linked to high blood pressure in adulthood’

A study has linked prenatal exposure to DDT to an increased risk of high blood pressure. Females who were exposed to a pesticide called DDT while in the womb appear to face a significant increase [...]

Work: ‘The biggest cause of stress’

A survey has highlighted work as the main stressful factor in people's lives. Work is the most stressful factor in people's lives, according to new research from mental health charity Mind. A survey of more [...]

Adolescent risk factors linked to heart disease in later life

A new study highlights the low prevalence of heart-healthy habits among young people. Many young people lead unhealthy lifestyles and have cardiovascular risk factors that could increase their chances of developing heart disease in adulthood, [...]

High levels of lead found in imported rice in the US

A study revealing high levels of lead in some rice products has highlighted the risks posed by heavy metals in our environment and food supply. Scientists have uncovered high levels of lead in rice imported [...]

Vitamin D lowers inflammation in lung diseases

A high intake of vitamin D may help to reduce inflammation in people with respiratory diseases. Vitamin D has been shown to lower inflammation in the lungs associated with several respiratory diseases including asthma and [...]

Men’s bowel cancer rates rise by more than a quarter

New figures show that bowel cancer rates are on the rise in the UK, with men bearing the brunt of the increase. There has been a major rise in the prevalence of bowel cancer in [...]

Month of birth linked to immune system development

New research suggests a biological basis for the apparent 'month of birth' effect in MS and suggests a need for more studies on the benefits of vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy. A baby's month of [...]

Organic diets ‘healthier than non-organic ones’

The latest research suggests organic diets may be beneficial for longevity and fertility. An organic diet appears to be associated with better health outcomes than a conventional one, according to a new study in the [...]

Majority of people with diabetes ‘do not have condition under control’

An analysis by Diabetes UK suggests that fewer than one in five people with diabetes meet recommended targets for blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol. The vast majority of people with diabetes in England and [...]

Study underlines need to boost nutrient intake when giving up red meat

Millions of Britons are missing out on key vitamins and minerals, according to a new study. A growing number of people are choosing to cut back on red meat, amid concerns that a high intake [...]

Biobran MGN-3 ‘minimises side-effects of chemotherapy’ for patients with breast cancer

A new study suggests that BioBran MGN-3 may help to reduce many of the side-effects experienced by women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Women who are undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer may benefit from taking [...]

Daily stress ‘bad for long-term mental wellbeing’

A new study suggests that everyday annoyances can lead to mental distress and mood disorders in the long term. People who let day-to-day stress get on top of them may suffer from worse mental wellbeing [...]

Vitamin D supplements ‘may improve immunity in healthy adults’

A new study suggests that vitamin D may help to boost the immune system in healthy adults with insufficient levels of the nutrient. Boosting levels of vitamin D may help to enhance immunity and lower [...]

Low vitamin D levels ‘may cause adverse pregnancy outcomes’

A large new review has found 'compelling' evidence for a link between low vitamin D and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Women with insufficient levels of vitamin D in their blood may be more likely to experience [...]

Depression ‘may reduce benefits of healthy lifestyle’

A study suggests that people with depression may experience elevated levels of inflammation, even if they take regular exercise and drink a sensible amount of alcohol. People with depression may need a helping hand to [...]

Faster ‘biological ageing’ linked to heart disease and cancer

Some people experience faster biological ageing than others, and scientists believe this may increase their risk of heart disease, cancer and other age-related illnesses. Biological ageing may play an important role in the development of [...]

Green tea antioxidants ‘may lower stroke risk’

Research suggests that antioxidant compounds in green tea may help to reduce the risk of stroke. A high intake of green tea may lower a person's risk of having a stroke, new research suggests. Japanese [...]

Clogged arteries ‘date back to pre-industrial times’

Atherosclerosis appears to be inherently associated with the ageing process, but that does not mean we can neglect our diet and lifestyle, experts say. Atherosclerosis or 'clogged arteries' is often regarded as a disease of [...]

Britons spend more time with chronic illness than most Europeans

A study has revealed Britain's poor performance on public health, relative to other countries in Europe. The UK is lagging behind similar countries in terms of many key health indicators, according to a major new [...]

Study uncovers impact of bladder condition on sleep disruption

Older people who have trouble sleeping may benefit from treatment to ease bladder complaints, researchers say. Many older adults suffer from insomnia, but a new study suggests the condition is even more problematic in those [...]

Heart-healthy lifestyle ‘also reduces risk of cancer’

Simple lifestyle changes can reduce people's risk of both heart disease and cancer, a study has shown. People who adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle may also benefit from a reduced risk of cancer, new research has [...]

Oxidised cholesterol ‘contributes to heart disease’

A researcher with more than six decades of experience in dietary factors that contribute to heart disease has pinpointed unnaturally oxidised cholesterol as a key culprit. Heart disease is often blamed on dietary cholesterol, but [...]

Experts warn of ‘masked’ toxins in food

There are fears that naturally occurring chemicals produced by certain moulds in cereal crops may be converted into toxic substances inside the body. Consumers may be exposing themselves to harmful toxins when they eat certain [...]

Urinary incontinence ‘common’ in people with heart failure

Patients with chronic heart failure appear to face an elevated risk of urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence seems to be a common occurrence among patients with chronic heart failure, a study has shown. The condition is [...]

Lack of sleep can alter gene

Sleep deprivation can have a significant impact on the genes. Most people will struggle to sleep at some point in their adult lives, with many finding it a regular annoyance. As well as depriving you [...]

Relationship troubles take their toll on immune system

Anxiety in relationships has long been known to cause individuals great deals of mental stress, however new research suggests that these feelings can harm your physical health as well, by taking their toll on your [...]

Study links processed meat diet with premature death risk

A European study has highlighted the possible health risks associated with eating processed meat. A large new study has uncovered an association between processed meat and risk of early death. Researchers at the University of [...]

Organic tomatoes richer in vitamins?

Despite various claims to the contrary, a new report suggests that organic food may actually be healthier than the conventionally-grown alternatives. According to the latest research, organic tomatoes contain higher amounts of vitamin C and [...]

Obesity statistics show alarming state of England’s health

Official statistics have been published revealing the extent of England's obesity crisis, with just 34 per cent of men and 39 per cent of women reporting a healthy weight during 2011. According to the Health [...]

Chronic pain leaving millions reliant on painkillers

A large number regularly taking painkillers are worried of their dependence on the drugs. Chronic pain continues to be one of the most widely diagnosed complaints among adults in the UK. Despite this fact, there [...]

Memory loss a chronic problem for care home elderly

The vast majority in care homes suffer from some degree of memory problems. With more than 80 per cent of the care home residents in England, Wales and Northern Ireland suffering some form of dementia, [...]

High intake of iron ‘may protect against PMS’

Research suggests that certain minerals, primarily iron and zinc, may be associated with a reduced risk of premenstrual symptoms. Women with a high intake of iron may benefit from a reduced risk of premenstrual syndrome [...]

British women ‘unaware of causes of skin ageing’

Women lack a good understanding of the causes of facial ageing, a survey has found. Most women are concerned about the impact of premature facial ageing on their appearance, but few have a good understanding [...]

Household chemicals linked to cancer and developmental disorders

When it comes to health and cosmetic products, one of the main reasons that all natural products are so popular is because they ease fears about exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals. Even in cases where [...]

Britons urged not to ignore mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical health, according to an expert at Cambridge University. Consumers are used to being reminded of the importance of exercising and eating a healthy, balanced diet, but an [...]

Britain urged to find ways of coping with ageing population

The UK population is ageing more than ever before, and could face a public healthcare crisis if general health does not improve. With new figures suggesting more than eight million Brits could live beyond 100, [...]

Nation’s energy levels harmed by sleep deprivation

A survey has revealed the extent of Britons' lack of good-quality sleep. Britons are struggling to get the quality and amount of sleep they need to feel energised and positive during the day, a survey [...]

Folic acid supplements in early pregnancy ‘protect against autism’

A study suggests that children whose mothers took folic acid supplements before and during pregnancy may be significantly less likely to develop autism. Women who take the recommended amount of folic acid (vitamin B9) before [...]

Bolstering the immune system ‘the best way to fight cancer

German scientists say that efforts to bolster the body's own immune system could be the most effective way to fight cancer. Scientists have long been trying to find drugs that kill cancer cells or block [...]

Zinc may prevent out-of-control inflammation

A study suggests that zinc may help the body to control infection without letting the immune response get out of control. Zinc may help to control infections by preventing the immune system from creating too [...]

Simple changes can reduce risk of heart disease

Experts have provided a number of simple steps that people can take to improve their heart health. Many people believe there is little they can do to reduce their risk of developing heart disease, but [...]

High-sugar diet ‘may increase cancer risk’

Scientists have found a way that high-sugar diets may influence our risk of developing cancer. People who regularly eat large amounts of sugar may face an increased risk of cancer, scientists have found. Figures show [...]

Blood pressure and cholesterol ‘top priorities’ for people with diabetes

Research suggests that addressing high blood pressure and cholesterol may be even more important for people with diabetes than controlling their blood sugar. People with diabetes should do whatever they can to normalise their blood [...]

Study reveals harmful effects of air pollution on health

A WHO review has highlighted the burden of disease from air pollution in the EU. Long-term exposure to tiny particles in polluted air can trigger a range of health problems, including atherosclerosis, adverse birth outcomes, [...]

Give your body a boost with healthy algae

The health benefits of algae have been well established for centuries, but it is enjoying something of a rise to prominence among Western consumers lately, following years of use in the Far East. Often used [...]

Study raises concerns about safety of antidepressant drugs

Some prescription drugs for depression may have unwanted effects on the heart's rhythm, scientists have warned. The risks associated with pharmaceutical medicines have been highlighted once more by US scientists, who say common antidepressants may [...]

Antioxidants in berries linked to reduced heart attack risk

Berry-derived antioxidants can help to protect the heart, according to a new study. Antioxidant compounds found in strawberries and blueberries may help to reduce women's risk of having a heart attack, scientists have found. Researchers [...]

Study reports link between nations’ milk consumption and Nobel prizes

Nutrition could be one of the contributing factors behind nations' Nobel Prize-winning records. Nutrition could be one of the contributing factors behind nations' Nobel Prize-winning records. A new study has suggested a strong link between [...]

5 reasons to try blue green algae

Why should blue green algae become part of one's diet? Wild blue green algae is fast becoming a serious superfood, with celebrities from Jennifer Aniston to Bruce Willis praising its impressive health benefits. The Really [...]

Happy mood ‘may boost brain power’

A study suggests that improving your mood could have important benefits for your cognitive function as the years go by. A study suggests that improving your mood could have important benefits for your cognitive function [...]

Lifestyle changes can reduce risk of cancer

People can make certain lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of developing cancer. People can make certain lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of developing cancer. Britons are being reminded of the difference that lifestyle [...]

Study shows benefits of vegetarian diet for the heart

Oxford University scientists have confirmed the benefits of a vegetarian diet for heart health. Vegetarians have long been convinced of the benefits of their dietary choices, and a new study appears to have confirmed their [...]

‘Reassuring’ study finds no link between folic acid and cancer risk

Folic acid supplements do not raise people's risk of developing cancer, according to an important new study in the Lancet medical journal. A large new analysis of existing research has confirmed the safety of taking [...]

Regular aspirin use may harm eye health

A study has found a link between regular aspirin use and the eye disease AMD People who regularly use aspirin to reduce their risk of heart attack may need to pay extra attention to their [...]

Insufficient drinking water ‘increases risk of UTIs’

Women should drink plenty of water and cut out junk food to reduce their risk of urinary tract infections. Women who suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) should ensure they drink plenty of water, [...]

Good nutrition ‘important’ for maintaining muscle mass

Experts have highlighted a number of nutritional factors that influence our muscle mass and strength as we age. A healthy, balanced diet is important throughout our lifetime, but changes may need to be made as [...]

Supplements ‘most important’ for determining vitamin D levels in children

A Canadian study has highlighted the importance of vitamin D supplementation for children. Much has been made of the importance of exposure to sunlight as a way of enabling the body to make enough vitamin [...]

Fruit and veg ‘good for mood’

Eating seven or eight portions of fruit and vegetables each day could be good for people's emotional wellbeing. Fruit and veg 'good for mood' Eating seven or eight portions of fruit and vegetables each day [...]

Figures show three-fold rise in prostate cancer risk

There has been a significant increase in the number of men being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Figures published by Cancer Research UK show that men's lifetime risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer has almost [...]

Beta-carotene ‘may protect against type-2 diabetes’

Early studies suggest that people whose genes make them susceptible to developing type-2 diabetes may benefit from boosting their intake of beta-carotene. People with a particular genetic predisposition to type-2 diabetes may benefit from taking [...]

Loneliness ‘may harm the immune system’

A new study suggests that lonely people may need to take steps to bolster their immune system. People who are recovering from a serious illness need to take steps to nourish their immune system, but [...]

Grape seed extract may hinder growth of advanced bowel cancer

Early research suggests that the more aggressive a person's bowel cancer becomes, the greater the benefits they may gain from taking supplements containing grape seed extract. Compounds in grape seed extract may be effective at [...]

Natural tomato ingredient ‘may improve cardiovascular health’

Research suggests that lycopene derived from tomatoes may have significant benefits for the cardiovascular system. Supplements containing an ingredient derived from the skin of tomatoes could have significant benefits for people with cardiovascular disease, research [...]

Diet changes ‘effective’ at reducing inflammation

Simple dietary changes can greatly reduce people's levels of inflammation and could even decrease their chances of developing many chronic diseases, scientists say. People with inflammatory diseases could benefit from as simple an approach as [...]

Researchers find genetic basis for eczema

Scientists may have improved their understanding of the causes of eczema, but there is still no cure and the best approach may be a natural, topical one. Researchers find genetic basis for eczema Scientists may [...]

Effects of environmental toxins on children ‘a public health crisis’

An expert has voiced his concerns about children's exposure to environmental toxins and provided a number of practical solutions for protecting against their effects. The world may be facing one of its largest public health [...]

Study reveals harmful effect of cholesterol-lowering statins on muscles

Scientists have shed light on the underlying causes of muscle pain in people who take statin drugs to improve their blood cholesterol. A group of cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins is recommended for those at risk [...]

Prozac celebrates 25 years but many prefer natural approach

Many people, including GPs, are switching their attention to plant-based remedies when it comes to treating low mood and depression. The antidepressant Prozac is currently celebrating the 25th anniversary of its launch in January 1988. [...]

Carotenoids may reduce breast cancer risk

A US study suggests carotenoids could help to reduce the risk of breast cancer. New research has highlighted the health benefits of carotenoids, a group of micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Scientists at Harvard [...]

Are you getting enough vitamin D?

Experts are concerned by the high rates of vitamin D deficiency in the UK. Vitamin D has fallen under the spotlight recently, with the nutrient playing many important roles in the body, such as supporting [...]

High-dose vitamin D ‘may reduce risk of respiratory tract infection’

A study suggests that people with recurring respiratory tract infections may benefit from boosting their levels of vitamin D. People who are prone to developing respiratory tract infections may benefit from taking a high-quality vitamin [...]

Majority of Brits ‘ignorant about cholesterol’

A survey suggests that seven in ten Britons do not know their own cholesterol level. Most people do not know their own cholesterol levels, according to a new report from Flora pro.activ. Researchers discovered that [...]

Tamiflu saga suggests pharmaceuticals can’t always be relied upon to fight disease

Doubts over the effectiveness of key anti-influenza drug Tamiflu highlights the importance of helping the body to fight illness the natural way. There's little doubt that many pharmaceuticals have an important role to play in [...]

Could pesticides in your tap water be to blame for your food allergy?

Research suggests that chemicals found in tap water and pesticide-treated fruits and vegetables may weaken your immune system and increase your risk of food allergies. Food allergies seem to be on the increase around the [...]

Antibiotic drugs ‘no help against coughs’

Natural immune support is likely to be far more effective than antibiotics for fighting off an annoying cough. Those planning to visit their GP to discuss an annoying cough may be better off seeking a [...]

How can shiitake mushrooms boost the immune system?

Shiitake mushrooms are packed with multiple health benefits, many of which aid the immune system. Shiitake mushrooms are an edible fungus native to Asia and are the second most commonly cultivated in the world. Animal-based studies have [...]

Environmental pollution ‘could reduce cognitive function in older adults’

Environmental pollution has been linked with a reduction in cognitive function in older adults. Environmental pollution has been linked to decreased cognitive function in older adults, according to a new study. While memory slips and [...]

Female urinary incontinence ‘should not be considered taboo’

Female urinary incontinence should not be a taboo subject, claims a urogynaecologist. Urinary incontinence can be a sensitive issue for many sufferers, but a leading doctor is urging for a change in public attitudes surrounding the condition, while also raising [...]

Sugary drinks ‘could worsen osteoarthritis’

Sugary drinks could help worsen osteoarthritis, new research claims. Consuming sugary drinks could worsen osteoarthritis, especially in slim men and normal weight women, a new survey shows. The common degenerative condition affects six million older [...]

Health impacts on happiness, says survey

The state of an individual's health can have a serious impact on their happiness, according to a new study. Researchers from George Mason University, the University of Alabama-Birmingham, the University of Chicago and the University [...]

How to maintain bladder health

Maintaining a healthy bladder is something everyone needs to be aware of, regardless of their age. Bladder health can be a taboo issue, with many people wary of discussing their urinary incontinence problems or frequent [...]

Toxins ‘could be putting children at risk of cancer’

Toxins in children's diets could be putting them at risk of developing cancer in later life. Pesticides and toxins used in growing fruit and vegetables could be putting young children at risk of developing cancer [...]

Low antioxidant levels linked to high blood pressure in PAD sufferers

PAD sufferers could be at risk of increased blood pressure due to low antioxidant levels. Low antioxidant levels have been linked to increased blood pressure during exercise for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) sufferers. PAD affects an [...]

Grape seed extract ‘helps fight infant stomach viruses’

Grape seed extract could be highly effective at preventing infant stomach viruses, research shows. Grape seed extract could be proficient at preventing infant stomach viruses, according to researchers. Scientists from Ghent University in Belgium have [...]

What are the benefits of royal jelly?

What are the main benefits of incorporating royal jelly into one's diet? Royal jelly is renowned for its long list of health and wellbeing properties, with success stories dating back to the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. [...]

Child health experts campaign for widespread Vitamin D supplementation

Leading health experts have called for more people to take vitamin D supplements to address the high prevalence of deficiency in the UK. The importance of taking vitamin D supplements has been highlighted by a [...]

‘Junk food taxes’ could improve health

A new review suggests that taxing unhealthy foods and beverages could help to drive down fast food consumption and improve people's health. Most people recognise the dangers of eating too much junk food, but it [...]

Research supports cancer-preventive properties of rice bran

A review has concluded that bioactive components of rice bran may help to prevent the growth of cancer cells and encourage the natural process of cell death in tumours. The potential cancer-preventive properties of rice [...]

Professional Profile: Dr. Patrick Kingsley

Patrick Kingsley is a retired medical doctor who, during the last 25 years of his UK medical practice which saw him treated over 9000 patients, did not prescribe a single drug and yet achieved astonishing [...]

The British Society for Ecological Medicine

THE BRITISH SOCIETY FOR ECOLOGICAL MEDICINE (BSEM) held their annual training meeting on 27th and 28th June 2012, which we had the privilege of being invited to attend. The BSEM was formed in 1993 and their president is [...]

Go Green for A Healthy Body and Mind with Klamath Blue Green Algae®

Klamath Blue Green Algae is a green superfood for both body and brain, helping us to naturally find optimum health and nutritional balance. KLAMATH BLUE GREEN ALGAE®, known botanically as Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae, is an organic, wild [...]

Professional Profile: Neurofeedback Pioneer Marty Wuttke

Marty Wuttke is a pioneer and therapist in the rapidly evolving science of neurofeedback. Nancy Silverstein met up with him when he recently visited the UK to find out about his latest brain system. NEUROSCIENCE was [...]

The British Society for Integrative Oncology

The British Society for Integrative Oncology held their first cancer conference for healthcare professionals on the 26th May 2012. Here, nutritionist Juliet Hayward reports on her experience attending. TUCKED AWAY IN A HOTEL in a side [...]

Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae: The Ultimate Brain Food

  KLAMATH BLUE GREEN ALGAE from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, USA is a wild green food which has long been valued for its broad range of bioavailable nutrients and other molecules. Along with general health [...]

NKCP Nattotabs May Benefit DVT

Japanese fermented soy supplement can nutritionally reduce DVT risk Long distance travel has become part and parcel of modern-day life as a result of increasingly affordable flights to far flung locations. However, not everyone is aware [...]

Five Key Benefits of Antioxidants

The following are 5 reasons to take a high quality antioxidant complex Antioxidants are very important for health and longevity and are found in nature in the form of fruit and vegetables. Antioxidants help neutralise the [...]

12 General Health Tips

12 health tips that WILL dramatically increase your health Stop smoking - If we are a smoker or someone who receives significant secondary smoke, stopping the inhalation of this deadly concoction of carcinogens is the most [...]

Strengthening the Immune System

The immune system is key in both health and disease What is the Immune System? The immune system is the collective army of a trillion white blood cells, bone marrow, antibodies, cytokines and the thymus [...]

Reduce DVT Risk Naturally

Blood clots are an increasing concern to the modern traveler With the price of plane flights now lower than they have ever been before, a high percentage of us now make regular journeys to destinations [...]

The Benefits of Detoxification

NOWADAYS DETOX PLAN is all the rage, with many celebrities extolling their virtues or endorsing their own particular regimes. But what really is detoxification and how important is it? Detoxification is a key body function involving [...]

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