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2023 November

Augmented NAC for Ultimate Spike Protein Detox

24th November 2023

Really Healthy Team

Augmented NAC is a food supplement developed for effective spike protein detox, a central component in the recovery from COVID-19 and any toxication from mRNA COVID-19 related treatments.

This week, the brilliant Fabio Zoffi give a fascinating webinar, through The Nutritional Network, on the Augmented NAC food supplement that he developed to help in the detoxification of spike protein. This supplement has been so successful that it has been implemented in some of the leading recovery protocols.

Zoffi was instrumental in setting up ZeroSpike, an Italian, non-profit organisation that focuses its resources into finding solutions to the spike protein toxication that has plagued humanity after COVID-19 and the mRNA vaccine treatments that introduce this spike protein into the body (to stimulate immunity). This ZeroSpike organisation, whose main scientific advisor and coordinator is Dr Loretta Bolgan, has published over 2,000 pages of scientific documentation looking at the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the disease COVID-19, and the new mRNA technologies being rushed out to treat it. You will find a treasure-trove of information on these topics on its website: www.zerospike.org.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) was always a primary supplement used for detoxing spike protein because it can denature the spike molecule, detaching it from the ACE2 receptors and allowing it to be naturally excreted from the body. NAC also supports living function and detoxification, is a powerful antioxidant, boosts levels of glutathione in the body, essential for premium liver function, supports neurological health, and it can also break down the mucus in the respiratory system. Given these multiple and essential actions, we can see why it is commonly now used in detox protocols.

Augmented NAC is a more active version of standard NAC. It is manufactured using a proprietary process to increase (augment) its potency for and specificity to COVID-19-related spike protein detox. Because of this augmentation process, Zoffi claims a 99% efficiency in spike detox over the standard NAC's 12%-15% efficiency. This is an incredible elevation of function, which is why it is now the NAC of choice for spike protein detox. Augmented NAC also has a superior synergy with Vitamin C, protecting it from oxidation and allowing it to do more of its important work in the body.

Here is Fabio Zoffi's informative webinar:

Finally, please note that Augmented NAC is not a treatment in itself. It is just a very useful adjunct food supplement to any treatment program, one that will really aid detoxification.

Please note, if you are unwell, we advise you to get a tailored treatment program from your healthcare practitioner.

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ZeroSpike Information Site - www.zerospike.org


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