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Biobran MGN-3: Premium Immune System Support

Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC) for Healthy Immune System Support

BioBran MGN-3 is a proprietary fractionated rice bran food supplement that helps the body maintain a healthy immune system.

Developed in Japan by Daiwa Pharmaceutical, BioBran is manufactured using a patented process to break down rice bran using enzymes from Shitake mushrooms. The resulting compound contains a unique blend of hemicellulose nutrients — including a specific arabinoxylan compound as well as other short chain polysaccharides. This is then combined with Vitamin D3 in the Biobran Plus, making BioBran ideal for healthy immune system support.

A lower strength version of BioBran called Biobran Plus which has 50mg of Biobran with added Vitamin D3 and inactive yeast has been developed for basic immune system maintenance.

How does BioBran MGN-3 support the immune system? Our immune system is comprised of an army of white blood cells — NK cells, T and B cells — which travel around destroying the millions of intruding microbes that penetrate our bodies every day, as well as the thousands of newly infected or abnormal body cells that develop. The BioBran MGN-3 food supplement gives our white blood cells the nutritional support to carry on with their vital role energetically and efficiently.

Another advantage of BioBran MGN-3 is that it retains its effectiveness in the body even after a prolonged period of use - in other words, there is none of the usual drop-off effect over time experienced with most other food supplements. BioBran is also highly absorbable, safe, GMO-free and contains no actual mushroom in the finished product, which means it can be taken by those with mushroom intolerances. (The only situation when one should avoid using this product is obviously in conjunction with immunosuppressants.)

Directions: For normal health maintenance, the recommended intake is 500mg per day with meals. Those who need optimum immune system support, take 3 grams per day for 8 weeks (1g with each meal), and then 1 gram per day thereafter. The powder is very palatable and can be dissolved in a small amount of water. Tablets should be taken with meals, whereas sachets should ideally be taken 20 minutes after a meal.

Available sizes: BioBran MGN-3 is available in 50 x 250mg tablet blister packs, 30 & 105 x 1000mg (1g) powder sachets and a low-dose 90 x 50mg tablet version. Gram for gram, there is no difference in effectiveness between the powder, tablets and capsules. Generally those taking smaller quantities prefer the convenience of tablets whilst those taking larger quantities prefer sachets.

Biobran tablet ingredients: Biobran Arabinoxylan compound (250mg per tablet), Microcystalline Cellulose (bulking agent ), Cornstarch (stabiliser), Cocoa Powder (colour), Glycerol Ester of Fatty Acids (emulsifier), Dextrin (stabilizer), Tricalcium Phosphate (anti-caking agent), Silicon Dioxide (anti-caking agent).

Biobran sachet ingredients (max strength): Biobran Arabinoxylan compound (1000mg per sachet), Microcrystaline Cellulose (bulking agent), Dextrin (stabiliser), Corn Starch (stabiliser), Tricalcium Phosphate (anti-caking agent).

Biobran Plus Tabs ingredients (for maintenance): Inactivated brewer's yeast, BioBran Arabinoxylan compound (50mg per tablet), dextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, shellac coating, cocoa powder, sucrose fatty acids ester, Vitamin D3 (4.9 IU per tablet).

More information on this product can be found in good research libraries or on the internet (see our links page).

Bulk Discounts:
50 tabs x 250mg - buy 6+ and the unit price will be reduced by 15%.
105 sachets x 1000mg - buy 3+ and the unit price will be reduced by 20%.

50 tablets x 250mg £49.95
30 sachets x 1000mg £115.50
105 sachets x 1000mg £385.00
Biobran Plus 90 tabs x 50mg £29.95

Food supplement name: Biobran®

Used nutritionally for: Healthy immune system support.

Available sizes:
50mg x 90 tablets
250mg x 50 tablets
1000mg x 30 sachets
1000mg x 105 sachets

Directions: For normal health maintenance, the recommended intake is 500mg per day with meals. Those who need optimum immune system support, take 3 grams per day for 8 weeks (1g with each meal), and then 1 gram per day thereafter.

Contraindications: Do not take if hypersensitive to any of the ingredients. Not to be taken with immuno-suppressants. Also, although this product has no hormone effects, it is still better to check with a health professional before taking this or any other product.

Allergens & potential side-effects: The sachets contain small amounts of corn starch as a filler and the tablets contain insignificant amounts of cocoa as a natural colourant. Although mushroom enzymes are used, this product seems to be tolerated by most of those with mushroom intolerances. However, to be safe, if you have a mushroom intolerance, start with small amounts and monitor.

Dietary information: Suitable for vegetarians and vegans except for the Biobran Plus which contains shelac and so is not suitable for vegans.

Suggested combinations: Combine with ProstaSol, Imupros and Curcumin Complex for prostate support. Combine with Imusan and Indole-3-Carbinol for breast support. Also is sometimes used in combination with TMAZ zeolite.

For more technical info: Visit the Links section of this website.

For more scientific info on biobran please check out our links page.

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