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Women's Health

Women's Health is all about balancing hormones as we go through the different stages of life. This can be done with lifestyle changes as well as taking specific health supplements and herbs.

Our diets can have a significant effect on our hormone balance and the health and well-being of our endocrine systems. This is not only due to the effect of various nutrients in our bodies, both positive and negative, but also due to the effect of toxins that are increasingly found in the foods that we eat, toxins that can unbalance the endocrine system.

As we get older, our hormone systems naturally deteriorate (although some believe that this is due primarily to our accumulating toxic load), and it can become useful for us to take nutritional supplements that provide our bodies with protective and balancing nutrients. These can be helpful, especially when combined with a detoxification program.

These supplements provide phyto-nutrients (herbs, vitamins, trace elements etc.) to help the body maintain a healthy endocrine system.