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Not all alternative sweeteners are harmful. Some are positively healthy!

Most of us have grown used to having relatively sweet foods and drinks, something that our great grandparents only ever considered a luxury. But the problem with a high-sugar diet is that the insulin spikes it produces can be harmful to our bodies, and the excess calories pile on the weight (our love for sugar is largely responsible for the obesity epidemic that we see in society today).

For this reason, we have seen a spate of low-calorie sweeteners appear in the list of ingredients on many of our supermarket foods, sweeteners that do not have the calorific value to damage the body. However, many of these artificial sweeteners are believed to be harmful when taken over extended periods of time.

However, whilst artificial sweeteners appear in more and more processed foods, there are sweeteners on the market that are healthy to our systems because they are natural compounds that are easily recognized and metabolised by the body. What is more, some are even good for our teeth.

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