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Supplements Produced by The Really Healthy Company

Practically all food supplement manufacturers work primarily from a cost-perspective. So ingredients are chosen that are cost effective and fillers/excipients are used to fill out the tablet or capsule. This is a business approach to natural health and it does produce some acceptable supplements.

We at The Really Healthy Company, on the other hand, are totally into health ourselves and the financial perspective is always secondary in the production of our supplements. When we put together a formula, we use the expertise of our practitioners along with an ethos of using the highest quality ingredients and seeing how much we can fit in. The result is that in many of our ranges we avoid fillers and excipients altogether! That is how we product 100% Active Ingredient TM supplements such as our superlative Alpha range which is unique to us.

So if you are into optimum health, get your supplements from health fanatics rather than business men and women. That way, your health is never financially compromised!