Pro-Knox is a natural low-molecular weight antioxidant complex that has a strong redox potential and more free radical quenching activity and efficiency than Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) alone.

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Oxygen is vital to life, but a side-effect of oxygen metabolism can be cellular damage, which over time, can lead to deterioration of the body. Normally these side effects of oxygen metabolism, caused by very reactive intermediary molecules called free radicals, are neutralized by antioxidants — substances that prevent reactive molecules burning or oxidising other molecules. Some of the antioxidants we need are naturally produced by our bodies, but the rest are sourced from our diets. This is why doctors and nutritionists recommend a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits as these can be good sources of antioxidants. However, chemicals in the environment, stress, poor diets and alcohol can create huge amounts of free radicals and also reduce the dietary antioxidant levels necessary to neutralize them, which can lead to dangerous levels of cellular oxidation.

Pro-Knox is a unique, powerful and natural antioxidant complex formulated with low molecular weight plant extracts to ensure high bioavailability and acitivty once absorbed in the body. Plant extracts used are rich in vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotene, quercetin, riboflavin, polyphenols, tannin, flavonoids, glutathion, catalase and superoxide dismutase (SOD).

Advantages of taking Pro-Knox over other antioxidant supplements:

  • Pro-Know is extra rich in active antioxidant components
  • It has a strong redox potential and more free radical quenching activity and efficiency than SOD alone
  • Low molecular weight antioxidant (under 5000) so quickly and easily absorption
  • Remains active in the blood for up to 24 hours

The final compound of Pro-Knox is obtained through a low-heat process that utilizes far-infrared rays to extract the active, low-molecular weight antioxidants.

Each 3g sachet contains:

Fermented soy beans290mg
Wheat germ250mg
Greeen tea150mg
Fermented brown rice50mg
Fermented adlay50mg
Wheat powder35mg
Vitamin C23mg
Yuzu, citru junos1mg

Directions: Take 2 or 3 sachets a day with main meals, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. This amount can be increased to 8 sachets in total a day for serious support.

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30 sachets x 3000mg

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Used nutritionally for:
Super antioxidant support, SOD alternative

Available Sizes: 
30 sachets x 3g sachets

Take 2 to 3 sachets a day with meals, or as advised by a healthcare practitioner. (Can be increased to 8 sachets a day for serious support.)

None known (but check with doctor if on medication)

Side effects:
None known

Allergen information:
None known

Dietary information:
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Suggested Combinations:
Take with Biobran for ultimate cellular support.