Pfeifer Men’s Pack #5

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6x Medpro Prostasol 60 tablets2x Medpro Curcumin FE 60 v-caps2x ProstaLin-C (Imupros Forte) 60 v-caps1x 105-sachet Biobran 1000mg

Medpro Prostasol: Prostate Support × 6

ProstaSol, a herbal food supplement containing prostate-helping herbs, has been formulated to give optimum prostate nutritional support.


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Medpro Curcumin × 2

Medpro Curcumin Combi Extra Forte is a highly bioavailable curcumin complex with added Resveratrol, a potent antioxidant.


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Medpro ProstaLin-C (Imupros Forte) × 2

ProstaLin-C (Imupros Forte) is a new more potent and updated version of the all-in-one Medpro Imupros brand supplement formulated with lignans, curcumin extract, lycopene, zinc and selenium for nutritional prostate support. NB: Medpro, the manufacturers of Imupros Forte, have recently changed this product's name to ProstaLin-C.


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zz BioBran - 105 sachets x 1000mg

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Combination pack consisting of the following products:

6 x Medpro Prostasol 60 tablets
2 x Medpro Curcumin FE 60 v-caps
2 x ProstaLin-C (Imupros Forte) 60 v-caps
1 x 105-sachet Biobran 1000mg

Additional information

Medpro Prostasol: Prostate Support


60 tablets

Medpro Curcumin


60 veg caps x 250mg

Medpro ProstaLin-C (Imupros Forte)


60 veg caps