Good-Gums® is an important addition to your oral hygiene program for healthy teeth and gums.


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Despite brushing teeth and using dental floss and mouth rinses, many people do not have healthy gums (gums are often swollen, bleeding or receding). There are a number or reasons for this including bacterial infection, imperfect brushing/flossing, poor diet, and smoking.

Good-Gums is a dental powder made from herbs and minerals that have been formulated to optimize gum health. Ingredients include baking soda, French gray sea salt, Vitamin C with bioflavanoids, myrrh, peppermint, cinnamon, and cranberry.

Use Good-Gums after flossing by placing a small amount of powder (about a small pea’s worth) onto a damp toothbrush and brush your teeth in the normal dentist-recommended way, making sure that you also gently brush your gums and around your mouth, making sure that the powder (which will dissolve in your saliva) is evenly distributed. You can spit out any excess liquid but do not rinse as it is important that the Good-Gums ingredients are left in contact with the gums and teeth for as long as possible.

Good-Gums is most effective when used as a toothpaste substitute, although some people still like to brush their teeth with traditional toothpaste first before then using Good-Gums. Although unnecessary, this is fine to do provided the mouth and toothbrush are rinsed before using Good-Gums as toothpaste gel can physically block the Good-Gums ingredients from coming in contact with the gums, which they need to do.

The reason it is a powder is that dry ingredients do not need preservatives, which makes Good-Gums preservative-free. In addition to this, Good-Gums is not tested on animals and contains no artificial colors or flavors, no harsh abrasives, and no fluoride.

Good-Gums is available in 45g tub which should last around a month and a half to two months.

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45g powder

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Used as:
Dental powder for maintaining healthy gums and teeth

Available Sizes: 
45g tub of powder

Place small pea-sized amount of powder on a damp toothbrush, brush teeth and gums, and leave on

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None known

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None known

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Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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