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PRL QCI Vial *

Device to Re-polarize the Whole Body

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QCI Vial is a small device that helps the body to heal itself.

Please note: this is a professional device for healthcare practitioners.

What is QCI?

QCI is a powerful, bio-energetic, balancing technique that can rapidly "repolarize" the whole body to help re-establish its full healing potential.

When the body’s bio-field loses coherence due to various causes, such as with emotional or physical trauma, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, infection, etc., the body’s internal operating system begins to weaken and healing becomes much slower.

The solution is to use the small QCI vial which can rapidly reset the weakened energy bio-fields. This device transfers high-frequency, beneficial earth fields to the body when it is placed in contact with the head for a few seconds.

Device name: QCI Vial (device)

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How The Body Operates Bio-Energetically

The body contains a highly organized network of interconnected bio-energy pathways called meridians (which correspond to various organs and glands), first outlined in ancient acupuncture texts, and now starting to be verified by medical science. When an area of the body becomes weakened, it "polarizes off" which causes it to become less visible to the brain's monitoring system, which in turn reduces the healing energy or nutrient delivery to that area.

In addition, other areas of the body can also become deficient at the same time. Together, these areas can all work to negatively reinforce each other. The effect can be multiple areas of stagnation in the body that are energetically switched off, which decreases the ability of the body to return to health.

Deficient areas that are often overlooked are scars or areas that have been previously traumatized (such as a fall or whiplash), even from many years ago. Unfortunately, once an area has been deficient (or “switched off”) for a long period of time, it becomes much harder for the body to heal it. Even if nutritional supplements are taken, the uptake of nutrients is poorer in the very area where it is needed most (the deficient area) since the internal monitoring system fails to “see” it.

What is the Quantum QCI Vial?

The Quantum QCIT Vial contains a unique blend of highly paramagnetic and diamagnetic substances sourced from all over the world. This blend is specially bio-energetically sequenced using breakthrough, new technology to achieve an extraordinarily high-spin energy state. The QCI Vial has the effect of combining maximum yin and maximum yang earth polarities which generate a concentrated, powerful natural biological healing field. When the vial is placed in contact with the external meridian flow on the head, the QCI Vial immediately begins to initiate a dramatic, healing, re-polarizing effect on the body’s natural bio-field. Avoid placing the QCI Vial in water or in a microwave oven. Otherwise, the inherent, beneficial field effects of the Vial are stable indefinitely, provided the Vial is unopened. The contents of the QCI Vial are not for internal consumption.

What are the Quantum QCI Minerals?

The minerals in the Quantum QCI Mineral Vial are whole, complex minerals, naturally occurring in nature, sourced from an ancient, pristine volcanic deposit. They are specially sequenced to re-modulate the human bio-field so it can rapidly restore its own normal functioning. These minerals are used as a base for their energetic signature rather than as a source of bulk minerals.

QCI To The Rescue:

To exit this downward cycle of failing energy bio-fields, the QCI procedure can be used to quickly “turn on” and stabilize the body’s bio-energetic fields.  When used several times per day, especially before meals, the body can begin to rapidly increase its nutrient uptake into those areas most needing it so the body can return to a state of health. In some cases, the body is able to return to a state of radiant health never experienced before, even when younger.

Recommended Use:

Place the QCI Vial firmly on the vertex of your head for 15 seconds so that it makes direct contact with your head. (You can locate this point by finding the tip of both of your ears, then extending a line upwards on both sides to the top of your head. The vertex is where both lines meet in the middle.) If you wear a hair piece or wig, you will need to take it off so the Vial can make direct contact with your head.

Repeat 5 times per day, preferably right before meals and taking nutritional supplements (so that your bio-energy field will be the strongest) and right before bed (to ensure the best sleep). The QCI vial will make any weak organs, glands or systems of the body temporarily strong so that they get their full share of the nutrition. This will help whatever you are doing nutritionally to help them recover, work more effectively.

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