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Power Packs Pfeifer: Men's #3

Pfeifer Men's Discount Pack

Men's Pack #3 £706.32

These packs are based around the Pfeifer product combinations for prostate health and tend to be used under the guidance of a healthcare practitioner.

Pfeifer Men's Pack #3:
6 x Medpro Prostasol 60 tablets [->]
2 x Medpro Curcumin FE 60 veg caps [->]
2 x Medpro ProstaLin-C (Imupros Forte) 60 veg caps [->]
2 x 30-sachet Biobran 1000mg [->]

By buying these products as a pack you save 20% off the individual prices.

More information on each pack, please look up each componenet of the pack individually.

Please note that all packs are vegetarian (and the capsules are all vegetable cellulose).

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