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Power Packs - Meta Booster Pack

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The Meta Booster Pack contains a group of supplements that, together, can help naturally increase energy production levels in the body, raising metabolism. Primary amongst these is a liquid green tea extract, which in this pack has been combined with Klamath Blue Green Algae® and Vitamin D. This is a great combination for energy for those feeling fatigued and psychologically low.

Boosting the metabolism is something many of us aim for, either because we feel fatigued or because we want to increase calorific burn. While there are important lifestyle methods of doing this, such as exercise, there are nutritional ways too to achieve this goal. The Meta Booster Pack is one such method.

The Meta Booster Pack includes the following

  • Green Tea-ND is a highly-absorbable and concentrated form of probiotic-fermented green tea extract. This provides all the benefits of green tea but magnified due to the concentration. Green tea has been the subject of any studies in recent times on metabolism, and results have shown that it is able to increase the number of calories burned, even while at treat. This is further increased by exercise. For more info, click here.
  • Klamath Blue Green Algae® provides the body with chlorophyll and magnesium, helping to support energy production and cellular detox. Strong healthy cells also use resources more efficiently and can produce the energy the body needs to function optimally. Klamath algae also promote well-being by supporting feel-good neurotransmitters and better clarity of mind and may invite you to be more active. For more info, click here.
  • D3 Serum is one of the richest and most natural sources of Vitamin D3. This vitamin has been shown to have a wide variety of activities on the body, from helping to support the immune system to enhancing the absorption of calcium. Fatigue and low immunity remain two of the main symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency, and so it is vital to top up our stores in the body during the darker months of winter when our exposure to sunlight is at its lowest. For more info, click here.

The Meta Booster Pack is especially important during the winter months when our tendency to eat more and exercise less can lead to a drop in metabolism. The pack offers 10% discount on its components, and it should last 43 days with the green tea and vitamin D lasting longer than that.


  1. Breakfast: Take ½ teaspoon of Green Tea-ND in 250 ml of water or juice; as well as 1 drop of Vitamin D and 1 capsule of KBG Algae.
  2. Lunch:Repeat the above: take ½ teaspoon of Green Tea-ND in 250 ml of water or juice; as well as 1 drop of Vitamin D and 1 capsule of KBG Algae.
  3. Supper: Take 1 capsule of KBG Algae.

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