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Medpro Products

Medpro manufactures some of the leading-edge therapeutic nutraceutical formulations. All products are manufactured in Holland under GMP, GDP and HACCP standards, and are developed specifically formulated for the professional market.

All Medpro products use uncontaminated and high-quality herbs, vitamins and other ingredients, and their efficacy has given Medpro a high reputation in the European complimentary health arena.

We have supplied Medpro supplements to the UK market for many years now, and these supplements are often used by practitioners in conjunction with Daiwa Pharmaceutical products.

Medpro ArtemisininThe primary active ingredient in the herb artemisia annua, which is regularly used in Chinese …£40.54
Medpro CurcuminCurcumin is extracted from the root of the Curcuma longa L. plant and is also known as …£42.55
Medpro ImuprosThe problem with taking food supplements for prostate health is that there are so many …£30.07
Medpro ImusanImusan is a biological, natural product, composed of extracts from carefully selected plants aimed at …£61.47
Medpro Indole-3-CarbinolIndole-3-Carbinol is a recommended health supplement for both men and women which can help the …£36.51
Medpro ProstaLin-C (Imupros Forte)The problem with taking food supplements for prostate health is that there are so many …£30.0730.07
Medpro Prostasol: Prostate SupportDeveloped by a Swiss clinic and manufactured by Medpro, this food supplement is gaining a …£76.77
Medpro ProstectanProstectan is a carefully chosen mixture of Chinese medical herbs and is classified as a …£52.62