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Medpro Prostectan: Prostate Support

Chinese herbal combo specifically formulated for prostate support

Chinese herbal combination formulated specifically for prostate nutritional support. 

Prostectan is a carefully chosen mixture of Chinese medical herbs and is classified as a food supplement. It is scientifically tested to be produced from safe and clean herbs and it has an anti-oxidant effect, as well as anti-toxic and anti-inflammatory activity. It also contains BioCurcumax, a bioavailable form of curcumin (anti-inflammatory compound from the spice turmeric), as well as LinumLife, a concentrated form of flax seed, known to support healthy prostate function.

This formulation from Medpro now replaces the PC Spes formulation that they used to do and is more concentrated, using both clean and safe herbs.

Directions: Prostectan should be taken on an empty stomach at least two hours before or after eating a meal. As a general prostate supplement, take 1 tablet three times a day (3 a day in total) or as advised by your health practitioner.

Ingredients per tabletAmount
Vegan product.
Ganoderma Lucidum300 mg
BioCurcumax200 mg
Scutellaria baicalensis160 mg
Linumlife120 mg
Rabdosia rubescens120 mg
Isatis indogotica100 mg
Dendranthema morifolium40 mg
Serenoa repens30 mg
Panax ginseng10 mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra5 mg
Excipients: Cellulose capsule shell, microcrystalline cellulose, HPMC coating, silicon dioxide.

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Food supplement name: Prostectan

Used nutritionally for: Prostate support

Available size: 60 tablets

Directions: Take 1 tablet three times a day with water 2 hours before or after a meal, or as directed by your health practitioner.

Contra-indications: Do not take with other medications without your practitioner's supervision. Not suitable for women.

Side effects: Loose stools, leg cramps, nipple soreness or hypersensitivity in some individuals

Allergen information: Contains no common allergens but some of these herbs are strong so test with small doses first.

Dietary information: Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Suggested combinations: Combine with Imupros, Curcumin Complex and BioBran for full prostate support

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