BioBran Info Site -
This site offers a good introduction to BioBran MGN-3, the rice bran derivative that is now the leading serious immune system supplement. This site includes a list of research and frequently asked questions, and is a must for anyone looking for the ultimate immune system product.

NKCP NattoTabs Info Site -
This is a small information site on Natto NKCP, an extract of fermented soya that has been shown to help maintain optimum blood flow.

JAFRA stands for Japan Function Food Research Association and contains a wealth of research on both BioBran at and Natto NKCP at

Premier Research Labs -
This is a pre-eminent manufacturer of excipient-free, premier quality nutraceutical formulations, super food concentrates. The Really Healthy Company distributes many of their natural supplements. (See menu on left.)

Klamath Blue Green Algae -
This is a single online specification page for Klamath Blue Green Algae, the wild and organically harvested cool-dried superfood.

Pfeifer Prostate Protocol -
Professor Pfeifer is a leading Swiss medical doctor who treats prostate, breast and other conditions with his Pfeifer Protocols. -
Andrea Serkin is an experienced and highly recommended acupuncturist practicing in Oxford and Somerset.

Aeskulap Klinik -
With a strong team of leading-edge doctors, The Aeskulap Klinik is world renowed for its methods of combining conventional and complementary medicines.

All About Natural Medicine -
Legendary Steve's website promoting CPD seminars and workshops for health practitioners, although anyone interested in natural medicine is also welcome.

Alliance for Natural Health -
Organisation that fights the EU resistance to vitamins, minerals and alternative therapies. They are headed by Dr. Rob Verkerk.

Alternative Medicine -
Information on the entire world of alternative medicine. Great search engine. Worth a visit.

Back 2 Health Events -
Back2Health Events arrange some of the most inspiring integrative cancer healthcare and radio show events in the UK, hosted by Fiona Shakeela Burns.

Brabant House Clinic -
Run by Dr. Michael Burt (ND), this clinic offers osteopathy, radionics, acupuncture, endogenous endocrino-therapy, naturopathy, homeopathy and cranial osteopathy.

British Naturopathic Association -
The BNA is the professional body for practicing naturopaths registered with the General Council and Register of Naturopaths in the United Kingdom.

Burzynski Clinic -
He may be controversial, but many believe that Dr. Burzynski has a very effective treatment program for cancer patients.

CancerActive -
Leading UK cancer information charity that provides a wealth of important for cancer sufferers including treatment and lifestyle/dietary advice.

Cancer Cover-Up -
This site covers the famous Neal Deoul story about a man who challenged orthdox medicine with his own natural remedies.

Cancer Options -
Extremely useful UK health consultancy company that helps people find the info and services that they need to best treat their particular cancer.

Cancer Tutor -
Word from the street is that Cancer Tutor is one of the most informative and useful alternative cancer treatment sites going. Definitely worth a peek.

Cancer-U-Can -
Fiona Shakeela Burns is someone who knows about cancer: after all she managed to recover TWICE from terminal cancer without using conventional medicine.

Chemo Care -
Scott Hamilton's chemotherapy site offers the latest chemo information for cancer patients and their families, caregivers and friends.

College of Naturopathic Medicine -
One of the UK and Ireland's most respected and well-known complementary health care training providers, offering Diploma courses in natural healing modalities.

Embracing Nutrition -
Embracing Nutrition is a group of nutritionists, lead by Jo Gamble (the first Functional Medicine practitioner in the UK), which offers consultations, tests and integrative oncology.

Dr. Rath Health Foundation -
Dr. Rath is a tireless campaigner for natural and nutritional methods of healing and he is a major opponent of the new restrictive EU supplement laws.

Energy for Health -
Energy for Health's "Surge of Chi" exerciser wiggles the legs from side to side, stimulating the energy centres in the lower spine. Great for stress-relief.

Energy Works -
Run by Anna Jeffrey, Energy Works offers comprehensive and accredited courses on reflexology, first aid, flower essenses and facial analysis.

EU Register of Nutritional Claims -
In the EU, claims for nutrients can only be made if they are officially registered. That said, just because a claim cannot be made does not mean it is scientifically invalid.

Foods Matter -
If you have an allergy, sensitivity or an intollerance to any foods or chemicals, this is the best resource on the internet for finding out what to do about it.

Foods That Cure -
Free news letters with the latest scientific breakthrough on vital information of powerful drugs found in everyday foods.

Health Science Spirit -
Walter Last's excellent site on alternative health. Has a great cancer section.

Healthy Spine UK -
Run by Bel Spencer and Robert Ripley, this South Wales clinic offers sessions, courses and treatments on Alexander Technique, Spinal Touch, Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Chi Touch.

Herbs -
The Herb Research Foundation site

Hill House Retreats -
Heartspring is a relaxing retreat centre and specialises in holistic and healing personal retreats in Wales, UK.

Hippocrates Institute -
The famous complementary health institue in Florida. Expensive but you learn a lot about natural health.

Hooked On Health -
Sarah Hook is a happy health practitioner, blogger, juice cleanse coach and vibrant food coach who walks her talk. Her blog is full info and ideas for super health.

HunaQuest -
Ever experienced the relaxation of a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage? Both the directors of The Really Healthy Company have which is why we thoroughly recommend Zanna. 

Icon Magazine -
ICON stands for Integrated Cancer & Oncology News and this monthly magazine, started by Chris Woolhams, is an absolute MUST for anyone with cancer.

Jackie Power / Herbalist -
Jackie Power is an experienced herbalist who specialises in the treatment of high blood pressure, migraine, insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, candida and PMS.

Living and Raw Foods -
The largest community on the internet dedicated to educating the world about the power of living and raw foods.

MedCapsules -
Herbalist James Sloane's website that brings together allopathic and alternative medicine. -
A good database on conventional medicines and drugs.

Medscape -
HUGE database. Be more informed on conventional medicine than your doctor.

Natural Matters -
A comprehensive natural living directory for people who care about their health, the environment and the world we live in.

NatureWorx -
Fiona Shakeela Burns is an inspiring medical herbalist, psych-k and EFT practitioner who helps patients regain optimum health. She also arranges important conferences.

New Approaches to Cancer -
This is a charity that was set up in 1969 to help promote gentle cancer therapies in conjunction with counselling, self-help groups and dietary advice.

Nexus Magazine -
More of a conspiracy magazine, which may put some of you off, but so many conspiracies these days are turning out to be facts, especially those concerning health and wellbeing.

Nutri People -
Alocate a qualified nutritionist, dietitian or nutritional therapist in the UK with this easy to use search too.

Nutritionist Resource -
Whether you are looking for a qualified nutritionist living near you, or wanting to read articles by nutritionists, this is the web resource for you.

Optimum Health Institute -
West coast health institute with a huge reputation. Slightly less expensive than the Hippocrates in Florida.

Patrick Holford -
This site has a searchable health reference database on articles written by health guru Patrick Holford. Look out for his excellent book Optimum Nutrition.

Positive Health -
Edited by Dr. Sandra Goodman, this website has a searchable database of over 1000 informative articles relating to alternative & complementary health.

Reboot Health -
Informative wellness website and blog of Sarah Davenport, health advocate and Founder of national breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Haven.

Self-Help Cancer -
Comprehensive self-help cancer treatment site compiled by UK writer, John Davidson. Well worth a visit if you or a loved-one has cancer.

The Food Doctor -
Founded by Ian Marber, this is a great place to go for all your nutritional needs: personal consultations, weight loss, health advice, diet books and health food products.

Therapy Directory -
Useful list of UK based alternative therapists. Just enter your postcode and you can find who in your area to go to who is registered with a professional organisation.

Together Against Cancer -
Together Against Cancer (T.A.C.) is an international cancer charity dedicated to helping cancer patients, supporting research into treatment methods and educating the public.

What Doctors Don't Tell You -
What Doctors Don't Tell You helps you make an informed decision by giving you the facts you won't read anywhere else. Please consider subscribing to this magazine.

Wholistic Medical Centre -
Natural health clinic in London headed by Dr Shamim Daya. Available are safe breast screening techniques and breast cancer treatments. Highly recommended.

Yes To Life -
UK cancer charity set up to support non-toxic treatments for cancer patients, as well as practitioner/supplier information. Well worth a visit and a donation! We love this organisation so much we sponsor some of their events.