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Joint Health

Joints are the places where two bones hinge together allowing for relative movement. However, as we get older and/or get injured over time, our joints can become stiff and painful.

Joint pain and stiffness is almost synonymous with getting older. When we are young we feel invincible, but as we age our bodies, especially our joints, remind us that we are mere mortals and that our bodies need to be respected and cared for. 

One of the best ways to look after our joints is not to carry around excess weight, which puts great strain on them. Another is to be careful with our joints, regularly stretching them gently and exercising mindfully. Also of prime consideration is the role of inflammation in the body and especially our joints, and how it causes much of our joint issues. It is vital, therefore, to make sure we have a diet that does not encourage inflammation in the body. Specific food supplements can also help in maintaining joint health both through nutritive support and by their anti-inflammatory effect.