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Digestion & Enzymes

Supplements for aiding the stomach, digestion and the body. Includes Serrapeptidase (Serrapeptase).

The Digestive System is central not only to our food digestion and absorption but also to our immunity and emotional wellbeing. Poor digestion can lead to a host of issues, both physical and emotional.

Enzymes are usually a central part of any natural supplements aimed at digestion because these proteins are central to the process of digesting food. Indeed, our bodies produce enzymes for digestion, but often not sufficient for optimum health, especially due to the strain put on our systems by modern diets, pollution, and chronic stress.

Enzymes are not only important for food digestion but can also be used systemically to digest extraneous proteins and tissues in the body like scar tissue and cell clump coatings, as well as helping to reduce inflammation.

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