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Dental & Gum Care

The health of our teeth reflects the health of our entire bodies. For example, evidence suggests that gum disease is linked to heart disease. This makes oral care more important than just a matter of cosmetics or hygiene.

Dental care or oral health is not only important cosmetically and hygienically, but also for our overall health. In fact, poor oral health has even been linked with cardiovascular or heart disease!

The most important way to keep our teeth healthy is to regularly clean them (including flossing) and avoid eating too many sugary or acidic foods. Regular trips to the dentist and to the hygienist are also important to not only deal with potential problems before they get worse, but to clean the teeth in places that we cannot reach. (Tartar build up, for example, can inflame our gums if it is not removed professionally.) And of course, if we want to be healthy we need to avoid amalgam (mercury and other metals) fillings at all costs as the metals do leach into our systems.

There are also certain natural health supplements that can also help us to maintain dental health.

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