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Dental & Gum Care

The health of our teeth reflects the health of our entire bodies. For example, evidence suggests that gum disease is linked to heart disease. This makes oral care more important than just a matter of cosmetics or hygiene.

Dental care or oral health is not only important cosmetically and hygienically, but also for our overall health. In fact, poor oral health has even been linked with cardiovascular or heart disease!

The most important way to keep our teeth healthy is to regularly clean them (including flossing) and avoid eating too many sugary or acidic foods. Regular trips to the dentist and to the hygienist are also important to not only deal with potential problems before they get worse, but to clean the teeth in places that we cannot reach. (Tartar build up, for example, can inflame our gums if it is not removed professionally.) And of course, if we want to be healthy we need to avoid amalgam (mercury and other metals) fillings at all costs as the metals do leach into our systems.

There are also certain natural health supplements that can also help us to maintain dental health.

AlphaSweet: Birch Tree Xylitol

AlphaSweet xylitol is a safe, healthy and great-tasting alternative to sugar. It is not only healthy (it is good for the teeth and low-glycemic) but tastes and looks almost identical to normal sugar except for a slight cooling effect on the tongue (there is absolutely no bitter after taste as there is with some sugar substitutes).        

Xylitol is a white crystalline sweetener that occurs naturally in berries, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and birch trees. In fact, in Finland it is known as "birch sugar" because the principal raw ingredient in its manufacture is xylan or wood fibre. It is even found naturally in our bodies, and has been shown to be completely non-toxic and safe to take (unlike many other alternative sweeteners).

Recently, Xylitol has become very popular as a sugar substitute because it has been shown to help reduce tooth decay and even help reverse it when it is already present. It can do this because of its molecular structure which makes it unusable by the mouth bacteria that cause dental caries – plaque cannot grow with it. Also, as saliva that contains Xylitol is alkaline (the pH is above 7), the calcium and phosphate salts in our saliva can start to naturally remineralize our tooth enamel in the places that they are lacking, which has a hardening effect on decay-softened enamel.

One of the added benefits of Xylitol is the fact that it is both a low-glycaemic sweetener and alkalizing to the body, making it an ideal sugar substitute for those on weight-loss diets and for those wanting optimum health without the “sugar-blues”. (Xylitol, however, is not a low or no calorie product — each teaspoon or 4g contains 9.6 calories as opposed to normal sugar's 15.8 calories for the equivalent weight.) As it is low-glycemic, it has become popular with those interested in combating Syndrome X and with diabetics (although please note it is not a zero-calorie sweetener and needs to be integrated sensibly into any special diets — check with your doctor).

The Really Healthy Company's AlphaSweet Xylitol is 100% pure-grade white granulated (like sugar) product made from sustainably harvested birch trees (not corn) and is GMO-free. Also, for every tree used in the manufacture of this xylitol, two more are planted in its place. (Check out the xylitol cookbook listed on our recommended book page in the magazine section of this site.)

Good-Gums Dental Powder

Good-Gums® is an important addition to your oral hygiene program for healthy teeth and gums.

Despite brushing teeth and using dental floss and mouth rinses, many people do not have healthy gums (gums are often swollen, bleeding or receding). There are a number or reasons for this including bacterial infection, imperfect brushing/flossing, poor diet, and smoking.

Good-Gums is a dental powder made from herbs and minerals that has been formulated to optimize gum health. Ingredients include baking soda, French grey sea salt, Vitamin C with bioflavanoids, myrrh, peppermint, cinnamon and cranberry.

Good-Gums is most effective when used as a toothpaste substitute, although some people still like to brush their teeth with traditional toothpaste first before then using Good-Gums. Although unnecessary, this is fine to do provided the mouth and toothbrush are rinsed before using Good-Gums as toothpaste gel can physically block the Good-Gums ingredients from coming in contact with the gums, which they need to do.

The reason it is a powder is that dry ingredients do not need preservatives, which makes Good-Gums preservative-free. In addition to this, Good-Gums is not tested on animals and contains no artificial colors or flavors, no harsh abrasives and no fluoride.

Good-Gums is available in 45g tub which should last around a month and a half to two months.

Ingredients per servingAmount
Contains NO milk, egg, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, gluten, corn or soybeans. Vegan
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)69.44 mg
Bioflavonoids12.13 mg
Myrrh powder10.59 mg
Peppermint powder9.86 mg
Cranberry powder9.39 mg
Cinnamon powder4.45 mg
Other ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) and French grey sea salt.

Directions: Pour or shake a small pea size amount of powder onto a damp toothbrush and brush your teeth in the normal dentist-recommended way, making sure to also gently brush your gums and around your mouth so that the powder is evenly distributed. Spit out excess liquid but do not rinse as it is important that the ingredients are left in contact with the teeth and gums for as long as possible.

Bulk Discount: Buy 6+ of this product and the unit price will be reduced by 15%.