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2015 April

Organic fruit and vegetables are twice as nutritious as non-organic foods and much less toxic

Research has recently proved that organic fruits and vegetables are twice as nutritious as their non-organic counterparts.Researchers at Newcastle University have undertaken a meta-study of 343 peer-reviewed nutritional studies on organic produce and concluded that organically grown fruit and veg is hugely more nutritious — with 19%-69% more antioxidants.This of…
2014 April

Intestinal bacteria 'impacts food transit through the gut'

Food transit through the gut is regulated by intestinal bacteria a hormone called GLP-1, according to a new study.A study has highlighted the delicate balance of the intestinal microbiome in facilitating the transit of food through the gut."Food transit through the small intestine is a complex balancing act, in which…
2014 April

Heart disease similar for men and women, says study

Contrary to what some people believe, heart disease prognoses are similar between both men and women.While there are many physiological and psychological differences between men and women, in many ways we are fundamentally the same - something that a new study has found to be the case when it comes…
2014 March

Brain reward gene influences what we eat early in life

The brain may play an important role in deciding what we like to eat when we are younger.New research has suggested that a gene in the brain is responsible for influencing what food we choose to eat during the earlier years of our life.A new study published in the journal…
2014 January

Lecture: How nutrients like NKCP can help support vascular health and circulation

They May Be CommonLecturer: Juliet Hayward, BA(Hons), MA, DNNEvent: Nutri Centre, Jan 2014Length: 1 hour 15 minutesSize: Video streamSummary: Nutritionist Juliet Hayward looks at how certain nutrients can help deal with some of the common aliments we suffer from.
2013 November

Rheumatoid arthritis, cancer link may present therapeutic potential

A link between a molecule common in some cancers and rheumatoid arthritis may be a potential lead for therapy.Any research that shows potential for new and more innovative therapeutic interventions to be formulated for age-old conditions will always be welcomed by patients and medical professionals alike. Now, a molecule common…
2013 November

Worldwide cardiovascular fitness in decline, says study

Recent statistics suggest that children's cardiovascular fitness is not as good as that of their parents at their age.Results from a recent study presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2013 are suggesting that general worldwide cardiovascular health could be declining.Statistics show that children tend not to be able…
2013 November

Diet of men with prostate cancer 'could affect outcomes'

Men with prostate cancer are being advised to take a look at their diet as it could affect health outcomes.There are certain medical conditions and unfavourable outcomes that are entirely unavoidable, with the best that people can do to safeguard against these being to have as healthy a lifestyle as…
2013 November

Improved heart health linked to brushing teeth

A new study has shown that oral and cardiac health may be closely linked.Members of the general population and medical professionals alike will always welcome information and research providing guidance as to the best practices for avoiding certain conditions and illnesses.Now, new research carried out by investigators at Columbia University's…
2013 November

Could probiotics be used to treat depression?

It is thought that certain probiotics could offer potential for treating psychiatric illnesses.Probiotics - organisms, such as bacteria or yeast - have long been known to present certain health benefits. Now, however, it is being suggested that certain ones could present potential for treating psychiatric illnesses.The health benefits of probiotics…