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2013 July

Turmeric 'may improve liver function'

9th July 2013

A study suggests that ingredients in the curry spice turmeric may help to support liver function.

Substances in turmeric - a spice grown in India and commonly used for flavour and colour in curries - may help to support and improve liver function, a study has found.

Scientists at Chonbuk National University Hospital in South Korea recruited 60 people, aged 20 and over, for a randomised placebo-controlled trial to examine the effects of fermented turmeric powder on liver function.

All of the patients had been diagnosed with mild to moderately raised levels of alanine transaminase (ALT), a liver enzyme that is often used as a marker of liver function, with increased levels in the blood indicating the presence of liver damage.

Their levels of this enzyme ranged between 40 IU/L and 200 IU/L.

Participants were given 3g per day of either fermented turmeric powder or a placebo (dummy supplement) to take after meals for 12 weeks.

Among the 48 volunteers who completed the trial with sufficient data, those who used fermented turmeric powder showed a greater reduction in ALT levels than those taking the placebo.

Turmeric users also showed significant decreases in levels of aspartate aminotransferase (AST) - another marker of liver function - and slight reductions in levels of gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT), which is elevated in some liver diseases.

The extract did not seem to cause any severe side-effects, indicating that people can use it without any fears for their health.

Publishing their findings in the journal BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine, the study authors concluded: "The data of this trial indicate that fermented turmeric powder is effective and safe, generally well-tolerated without severe adverse events, in the treatment of subjects with elevated ALT levels over a 12-week period."

The findings suggest that people with concerns about their liver health may want to seek out a high-quality turmeric supplement, such as Really Healthy's AlphaCurcumin Curcumin Complex.

AlphaCurcumin is a highly potent supplement containing 95 per cent curcuminoids, the active extract in turmeric.

One of the problems with those marketing curcumin - and indeed with many curcumin supplements - is that they are often sold with the claim of being ten or more times stronger than standard curcumins. Close scrutiny can show that often this is not the case.

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