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2020 November

Pollen, nature’s best kept secret

26th November 2020

Pollen extract from flower blossoms has long been used as a natural agent to support overall health and increase vitality. Actually, the use of flower pollens for medical purposes dates back to ancient Egypt and China, where flower pollen was used to improve energy flow and to treat menstrual symptoms as early as 2000 BC.

Pollen enable flowering plants to reproduce and contains all the necessary substances to create new life in the plant world. In more details, pollen extract is shown to contain the complete array of essential amino acids (including tryptophan), non-essential amino acids, powerful antioxidants, enzymes (including superoxide dismutase, a powerful antioxidant enzyme) and phytosterols (water-insoluble compounds found in plants closely related to cholesterol); a total of 130 active ingredients.[1]

Phytosterols, in particular, are bioactive compounds that are associated with marked reduction in plasma LDL cholesterol upon ingestion (they also help reduce the absorption of cholesterol from dietary sources) and to be effective in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, when combined to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Phytosterols have been approved by several regulatory agencies across the globe as an ingredient in many foods to help reduce cholesterol and is shown to be safe even in association with drug therapy.[2]

Flower Pollen Extract VS Bee Pollen

Flower pollen extract is not the same thing as bee pollen (not a vegan product). It is the (untouched) pollen found in plants, extracted before bees extract it. Therefore flower pollen extract is a clean product and is only the central part of the pollen grain (the nutrient-rich core), not the whole pollen grain.


Premier Research Labs pristine pollen extract from flower blossoms is concentrated to provide optimum potency, as well as water and lipid-soluble nutrients in each serving. These nutrients are vital to support health. In fact, UltraPollen may be really useful if you feel the need to visit the bathroom far too many times, particularly at night, when the need to urinate wakes you up. 

UltraPollen has been scientifically formulated according to clinical research that was conducted on the benefit of flower pollen extract to support prostate and urinary tract function — it is also free from contamination from mould and spores (mycotoxins).

UltraPollen, therefore, may help you sleep better by giving you more control, allowing to fully empty your bladder before bed (and prevent leakage), and not be disturbed until the morning.


Complete integration of Diet and Lifestyle

Nutrition plays a major role, and you should aim to consume fresh, whole (unrefined, and processed as little as possible) fruits and vegetables, beans, seeds and other fibre-rich foods, as well as good oils and fat, like extra virgin olive oil linseed oil, and small fatty fish (herrings, sardines, anchovies, mackerel and sockeye salmon), also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid trans fat and conventional seed/vegetable oils, refined (‘white’) flour and sugar and their derivatives. Drink plenty of water and check for food sensitivities (increase inflammatory responses).


Flower pollen, a functional food, is shown to display anti-inflammatory activity and has also been studied for BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia — enlarged prostate)[3], PMS and menopause to alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life[4] and results are very promising.

For more research papers on BeePollen, click on the link below:




Quick note on the state-of-the-art extraction process and certification:

Graminex® uses non-solvent extraction techniques. During the water extraction process, wild yeasts and naturally occurring bacteria are present in the raw pollen which aid in a mild fermentation process at the beginning.

During this process, natural sugars are converted into acids and gases and create a bubbling and slight foaming action. After this metabolic process, the product is passed through a series of filters removing the spent pollen membranes and then passes through a pasteurization step removing any bacteria, moulds and/or yeasts. The final product is then certified ‘clean’ and batch checked. 


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