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2013 April

Oral vitamin D3 'the treatment of choice' for deficiency

30th April 2013

A new clinical guideline has been published recommending oral vitamin D3 as the most effective treatment for vitamin D deficiency.

People with insufficient levels of vitamin D should use an oral vitamin D3 supplement to improve their status, a new clinical guideline has stated.

The National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) has funded the UK's first clinical guideline for health professionals on how to identify and treat vitamin D deficiency.

Produced by a panel of clinicians and scientists with expertise in both vitamin D and the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis, the guideline reflects the importance of vitamin D for people's health and addresses widespread uncertainty about how to deal with the common problem of deficiency.

Professor Roger Francis, honorary medical director of the NOS and chairman of the guideline's authoring group, explained: "The guideline provides balanced, expert advice to doctors and other health care professionals on the management of patients with vitamin D deficiency, which has previously been relatively neglected and inconsistent around the UK.

"This should improve bone health in patients with vitamin D deficiency and reduce the risk of falls and fractures."

As well as recommending oral vitamin D3 as the treatment of choice for vitamin D deficiency, the guideline advises fixed loading doses for patients who need rapid treatment, followed by a regular maintenance dose of the vitamin.

The guideline has been welcomed by health organisations such as Arthritis Research UK, the Royal College of Nursing and the International Osteoporosis Foundation.

Alison Nelson, food and health policy officer at the British Dietetic Association, said that the recommendations "raise awareness and the importance of treatment for what has often been a forgotten or unrecognised deficiency".

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