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2013 June

Majority of women 'have never discussed bladder health with their GP'

8th June 2013

A survey shows that many women are reluctant to discuss urinary symptoms with their doctor.

Two-thirds of women have never had a discussion about bladder health with their doctor, a survey has found.

Research conducted on behalf of healthcare company Allergan and endorsed by the Women's Health Foundation questioned more than 1,000 females over the age of 45.

A further 528 women aged 50 and over were also surveyed by research firm Kelton.

The study found that many women are too embarrassed to discuss bladder-related issues, with one in five keeping information from their doctor because they simply cannot bring themselves to speak about it.

Fewer than three in ten respondents said they would make an appointment with their doctor straightaway if they started experiencing urinary symptoms, such as urine leakage or the frequent need to visit the bathroom.

With figures suggesting that as many as two-fifths of females may be living with an overactive bladder, women with these symptoms are certainly not alone and should feel comfortable discussing the issue with healthcare providers or close friends.

Missy Lavender, founder and executive president of the Women's Health Foundation, said women "often worry about having an accident" and have to keep track of the nearest bathroom wherever they go.

"Unfortunately, many settle for living with the condition in secret and are even reluctant to tell their doctors when their medicine no longer works for them," Ms Lavender revealed.

She urged women to "push aside their embarrassment" and discuss their condition.

Women with urinary symptoms may benefit from a number of approaches, including lifestyle changes and pelvic floor muscle and bladder training, as well as using incontinence products to manage their condition.

There are also certain natural products that can help to ease symptoms - a fact that may come as a surprise to women who assumed there was nothing they could do to alleviate their condition.

One such product is Flowease, a food supplement containing premium-quality rye flower pollen extract.

Decades of research has shown that flower pollen contains over 100 nutritional components, some of which can help to ease urinary problems in both women and men.

Supplied by The Really Healthy Company, this product may help people who have problems with urination, enabling them to feel more confident in their daily lives.

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