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2010 May

Lecture: Three Billion Year-Old Solution to Stress, Anxiety & Depression

5th May 2010

Three Billion Year-Old Solution to Stress, Anxiety & Depression
Lecturer: Kirsten Brooks, BSc(Hons), DN Med (Dist)
Event: Nutri Centre, April 2010
Length: 1 hour 15 minutes
Size: Video stream
Summary: Kirsten Brooks talks about Klamath algae and Klamath algae extract and how it can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Three Billion Year-Old Solution to Stress, Anxiety & Depression

with Nutritional Therapist Kirsten Brooks, Hons, DN Med

New data shows that stress, depression, irritability, mental fatigue, poor attention and poor concentration are on the rise. Even when eating a well-balanced, organic diet, the pressures of modern life combined with the depleted nutrients in our soil makes it increasingly difficult to ensure a well-nourished nervous system.

Nutritionist Kirsten Brooks will share some of the remarkable benefits of a wild microalgae, known as nature's ultimate brain food. Klamath blue green microalgae has long been valued for its broad range of bioavailable nutrients and other unique molecules not seen in other algae and often deficient in our diets. Outlined will be the latest scientific studies for the treatment of depression, anxiety and menopausal symptoms with a neuromodulator extracted from Klamath blue green algae. This extract has been shown to enhance brain function and also shows promise for ADHD, dementia and other conditions of the nervous system. Experiences from Kirsten's own clinical practice will also be included. 

Kirsten Brooks is the nutritionist at The Really Healthy Company and she also has her own clinical practice in the South East and South West of london.

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