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2013 January

How to maintain bladder health

16th January 2013

Maintaining a healthy bladder is something everyone needs to be aware of, regardless of their age.

Bladder health can be a taboo issue, with many people wary of discussing their urinary incontinence problems or frequent urination.

But, according to urogynecologist Dr Gunhilde Buchsbaum, there are many urinary concerns which men and women suffer in silence with, often too embarrassed to seek treatment.

The University of Rochester Medical Center professor explained that some of the signs to be aware of include urine leakage, as well as frequent or painful urine.

These could be a sign of a medical condition, however they are not necessarily serious and it is essential to discuss each issue with a doctor to assess whether an underlying problem exists.

Dr Buchsbaum explained that urinary incontinence becomes more common with age, but should not be considered a normal part of growing older.

Steps to prevent it include undertaking pelvic floor exercises, which involve strengthening these muscles by contracting them a few times daily, holding each clench for ten seconds.

Other ways to prevent urinary incontinence are to reduce consumption of bladder irritants like caffeine, alcohol and artificial sweeteners, she added.

It is also key to assess the type of bladder problem. Stress incontinence commonly occurs with exercise, coughing, sneezing or laughing, but can be improved by pelvic floor exercises.

Meanwhile, urge incontinence - a sudden or strong need to urinate - can be treated with behavioural changes, and overflow incontinence, also known as urinary retention, may require medical consultation, Dr Buchsbaum added.

One way to help naturally maintain bladder health and stability is to try Flowease, a premium quality rye flower pollen extract.

Its specific phytonutrient combinations can assist in regulating bladder activity, using amino acids, minerals, enzymes and anti-bacterial substances.

To gain maximum effects, take two Flowease tablets, three times a day before meals, accompanied by a glass of water.

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