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2023 December

How to Indulge more Healthily at Christmas time

22nd December 2023

Luisa Carugati, BA, DipCNM

We are all going to indulge more during the Christmas holidays, but, as Nutritionist, Luisa Carugati, shows us, there are some things we can do to minimise the negative impact of that over-indulgence.

It is all too easy to be swept away in the whirlwind of Christmas and find ourselves overindulging. However, there are a few methods you might try to minimise the negative effects of all that lovely food and drink, so that, come January, you will feel pretty healthy and pleased with yourself when you wake up on boxing day morning, feeling more like a featherweight than a heavy weight.

  1. Balance your sugar levels in the morning with a good quality protein breakfast, like a berry smoothie with plant-based protein powder or eggs. Also, the amino acids will help support your liver detoxification throughout the day.
  2. Christmas lunch is invariably served late, and it can be so tempting to snake on chocolates and nuts before the main event. So you can still eat them, but have them after your main meal, and put some of them away for the days ahead.
  3. Don’t hit the booze too early in the day. Easier said than done when it's a family get-together, especially if you are the host. Pace yourself or you could alternate the champagne with a non-alcoholic alternative, preferably not too sweat. We recommend Sentia, as it is a botanical spirit that naturally enhances your mood and tastes incredible. In this way, you will miss the bloating and bubble gas build-up from the Champagne.
  4. If you are going to drink, the most important thing you can do is stay constantly hydrated. Alcohol decreases the release of a hormone from the brain called Vasopressin, resulting in fluid loss throughout the body, causing dehydration. Water mitigates hangover symptoms and helps the liver flush away the toxins from alcohol, especially a compound that the liver creates as a short-lived by-product, called Acetaldehyde. This toxic compound causes inflammation in the liver and most other organs in the body, even though it feels like just your brain. A good rule is one drink followed by a large glass of water. A recent study found that sipping green tea can also help metabolise alcohol and prevent liver damage.
  5. Try to slightly slow down your eating, chewing each mouthful thoroughly and really tasting the food. It is all too easy to overeat when we are just gulping food down.
  6. Balance your plate by making sure you eat enough vegetables with your protein. This helps toi ensure a balanced intake of nutrients.
  7. A good B Complex and Zinc supplement could help you have a milder hangover as they accelerate alcohol metabolism. A recent study found that a diet high in these nutrients helped hangover severity.
  8. Try taking a walk an hour or two after lunch. Getting some fresh air by taking a brisk walk will make you feel glorious as it produces endorphins. It will also stimulate the stomach and intestines and help food move through the digestive system quickly. This will help with symptoms of bloating and bottom parps.
  9. Sleep often suffers over the festive period, whether it's family /friend meet-ups, work parties, or worrying about Christmas shopping. It's important to recoup, making sure you get at least seven to nine hours to regulate your appetite hormones.
  10. But most importantly, have a wonderful Christmas and avoid too much stress (even with the in-laws present). You can enjoy your indulgences and minimise the negative effects, often quite easily.

Its Christmassssssss !!!!!!


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