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2020 November

Fermented Green Tea Complex, an essential tool to have in your kit

26th November 2020

Fermented green tea has been shown to bring great results from weight loss to free radical scavenging capabilities (can help protect DNA from damage), and from obesity to cardiovascular disease protection (appears to lower plasma cholesterol levels and exert beneficial effects on lipid metabolism, and increase metabolism), as well as helping to restore the gut microbiome (largely in overweight and obese people).


Research is showing that green tea extract exerts a beneficial effect on lipid metabolism. However, researchers go further to show that fermented green tea exhibits anti-obesity capacities, by preventing weight gain and reducing fat mass and increasing glucose (and insulin) tolerance and fatty liver symptoms, even without changing existing diet and lifestyle (although results tend to show that effect is greater with a low saturated fat diet).[1] These complications are often the result of a combined high-fat and high-carbs, especially sugar-based and ultra-processed diets.[2]

In fact, fermented food products have been used to improve human health by modulating immune response and energy metabolism. Fermenting green tea drastically improves its therapeutic capabilities, thus providing greater support to human health.[3],[4]


What is so special about green tea?

Apart from the fact that people have been drinking it for millennia, as a warm drink and as a natural remedy (particularly in the Far East), green tea contains a long list of very impressive phytonutrients.

Green tea is made from the dried leaves (sometimes, the leaf buds) of the Camellia sinensis plant. Surprisingly, black tea is also made from the same plant, however, it is processed differently. Green tea leaves are lightly steamed to prevent them from fermenting and to preserve their fresh, green colour, as well as their nutrient content. On the other hand, black tea is made from oxidised tea leaves, changing from green to black, and, as a result, a vast variety of the phytonutrients present in green tea are lost. 

Green tea supplements allow for a considerably higher dose of purified tea polyphenols, which displays incredible antioxidants, more than drinking green tea (even matcha green tea) alone. However, most of the compounds found in tea are poorly-absorbed and the little that is may not be enough to provide any therapeutic values, unless the dosage is increased and divided into several doses throughout the day.


The Really Healthy Company Green Tea Extract

To increase the bioavailability of green tea, The Really Healthy Company provides a fermented green tea extract (using a unique probiotic culture), which dramatically increases the levels of active compounds the body can absorb, including polyphenols. Combined with resveratrol, our green tea complex offers a high-quality, powerful blend of readily bioavailable antioxidants.

Accompanied to chlorella, coriander and parsley, this complex promises to deliver a real punch when it comes to antioxidants but also in supporting detoxification pathways, allowing to reduce low-grade inflammation and free radical damage. Able to detoxify, cells can do what they do best, produce energy (via mitochondria, the powerhouse of our cells) and proteins (from our DNA), which the body relies on and keep us alive, and are also essential to reduce the appearance of early ageing.

Additional peer-reviewed studies (animals and humans trials) have demonstrated that Green Tea-ND can also support the immune, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, as well as the central nervous system and the parathyroid, and support proper calcium metabolism and blood buffering.

Lastly, it can play a key role in improving oral, connective tissue and dermal health.

Recommended dosage

The recommended dose for adults and children (12 years and over) is 2.5 ml (2.5 millilitres) mixed in 125-250 ml of water. Alternatively, it can be added to drinking water and drank throughout the day.


Alcohol increases the availability of non-water-soluble substances found in food. It is commonly used as a solvent and a natural preservative. It also causes vasodilation and increases the distribution of nutrients, and primarily targets the liver, where nutrients are released, for a quicker, stronger response. It is not surprising then that Green tea extract has shown to be effective against non-alcoholic liver disease.[5]

This also means that there is a small portion of organic alcohol in our final liquid formula. If you are sensitive to alcohol, the Green Tea-ND dose can be added to half a cup of warm, purified water, and drank after a pause of 5-10 minutes (after which time the alcohol will have naturally evaporated) 


 [while stocks last]

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