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2023 November

Detox and Energise with Olivier Sanchez

21st November 2023

Really Healthy Team

Olivier Sanchez, NT Dip, ND, NLP Coach, uses his extensive experience and expertise as a naturopath and nutritional therapist to create two definitive books on holistic methods to detox and energise the body: "Energise - 30 Days to Vitality" and "Detox Before Energise." His books, underpinned by his experience in nutrition, naturopathy, mental health, stress management, sleep disorders, and gut-related health issues, offer a comprehensive and informed perspective on the fundamentals of wellness and happiness.

Energise - 30 Days to Vitality by Olivier Sanchez is a transformative guide that promises to lead readers on a journey towards achieving optimal health and vitality through the power of nutrition and lifestyle changes. At the core of this book is the premise that our modern lifestyles - characterized by poor diet choices, sedentary habits, and high stress levels - have led us astray from our natural state of health and vitality. Sanchez addresses this disconnect by providing practical advice on how to realign our lives with our body’s innate wisdom. The book is comprehensive in its approach, covering an array of topics from the importance of nutrients and gut microbiota, to optimizing digestion, managing stress, improving sleep, and enhancing energy levels.

One of the book's most compelling features is its emphasis on a novel dietary approach. The suggested ketogenic-style diet and intermittent fasting regimen are designed to mimic the natural rhythms of the body and align with the changing seasons. This approach is not only innovative but also deeply rooted in an understanding of how our bodies function best. The 475-page book is priced at £19.62. Both these books are available in paperback, hardback, and e-book formats, and are available at Sanchez's website www.nutrunity.com or at Amazon.

His other book, Detox Before Energise, follows on from "Energise - 30 Days to Vitality", and focuses on the importance and the methods to detoxify our bodies and our minds in order to realise our true vitality and energy. At the heart of this book is the idea that our bodies and minds are constantly bombarded by toxicants. These include not only the physical chemicals and radiations we encounter in our daily lives but also the mental and emotional toxins that stem from unhealthy thought patterns and societal pressures. Sanchez emphasizes the profound impact these toxins have on our well-being, with a unique focus on how they affect our central nervous systems.

This book stands out for its balanced view, merging insights into environmental toxins with a deep understanding of how mental and emotional stress can affect physical health. Sanchez provides readers with actionable advice on reducing toxin exposure, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to detoxification. This includes dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes, and mindfulness practices. Spanning 433 pages and priced at £18.91, it is a comprehensive guide that delves into the nuances of detoxification. This book will be available for purchase shortly, either from Sanchez's own website or via Amazon.

In combining these two works, Olivier Sanchez offers a well-rounded view of health and wellness. His books are informative and practical, filled with insights drawn from his professional experience and personal observations. While they present comprehensive strategies for improving health, the tone remains approachable and grounded, avoiding overstatement. Sanchez's work is a valuable resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of holistic health and make meaningful changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Through "Energise - 30 Days to Vitality" and "Detox Before Energise," readers, including practitioners, will be equipped with the knowledge and practical tools to navigate the complexities of modern health challenges, emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Please note, if you are unwell, we advise you to get a tailored treatment program from your healthcare practitioner.

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