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2020 September

How Gut Health Affects Your Overall Health

It is estimated that 70% of our immune response resides in our gut.  It is thought that the reason this part of the body is so overabundant in immune tissue and bacteria because it is the main entry and exit point of the body.

2020 August

Edible Algae Benefits

Today we look at the three most popular edible algae to understand their health application and choose the one that is best suited for your health needs...

2020 August

Does Green Tea Help Manage Weight?

Green Tea is an ingredient that keeps popping up in weight control products. What is the link between Green Tea and weight control? Here is a brief summary of the research...

2020 July

Klamath Blue Green Algae Juice Recipes

Klamath blue green algae juice blends are packed to the brim with essential energy boosting micro nutrients. Read more...

2020 March

Coronavirus Update: WE ARE STAYING OPEN

Updated 24 Mar 2020: WE CONTINUE TO SEND OUT YOUR ORDERSAs a shop selling important food supplements, we are able to remain open during this isolation period and we continue to send out online orders. Shipping seems little affected so you should receive your order in a timely manner, perhaps…
2020 March

Strengthening the Immune System has never been more urgent: How Biobran can help.

By Linda Vezzoli / Nutritional Therapist  /  Biobran MGN-3 is a Japanese immunomodulator derived from rice bran. This food supplement was developed in the mid-90s by Professor Ghoneum in the US and Dr Maeda in Japan to help support immune function, especially for patients with immune systems compromised by disease and/or toxic…
2020 March

How to Protect Ourselves from Viruses like the Coronavirus

By Linda Vezzoli / Nutritional TherapistWhat is a virus?A virus is a microscopic organism, much smaller and simpler than a bacterium, which can infect animals, humans, plants, fungi and even bacteria. Despite being living organisms, they cannot replicate on their own, so they will inhabit a host’s cell and then…
2020 February

How to avoid vitamin D deficiency in winter

By Linda Vezzoli / Nutritional Therapist  /  Vitamin D is surprisingly a hormone rather than a vitamin. It is a fat-soluble nutrient responsible for regulating the absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphate in the body, and has been extensively studied. Some of the many roles it plays in our bodies include:Supporting immune…
2020 January

Five Healthy Habits to Start the New Year

By Linda Vezzoli / Nutritional TherapistMany people use January as an opportunity to overhaul their diet and lifestyle. After the holiday indulgences, you may feel motivated to make radical changes in many areas of your life and these can sometimes be unsustainable in the long term.I have outlined some simple…
2019 December

How to Stay Healthy Over the Christmas Holidays

By Linda Vezzoli / Nutritional TherapistThe holiday season is a great time to let your hair down and celebrate with friends and family - but most of us get to January not quite feeling our best and with a need to detox and recover from the Christmas indulgences.Here are a…