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2020 September

Calm, destress and sleep – a sleep formula by Premier Research Labs.

There are few things to like about stressful periods, but perhaps the most destructive of all is the lack of sleep. Sleep, and indeed relaxation is essential for digesting, healing and recovering. Persistent and chronic lack of sleep creates disruption in mood, concentration and the ability to think clearly and…
2020 September

Antiviral Oils and the Respiratory System

Antiviral Oils for the Respiratory System? Inhalation as a therapeutic mechanismInhalations of many forms have been used as medicines since time immemorial.  In medicine, pharmaceutical inhalations are used for inflammatory lung problems such as asthma. In natural medicine, placing ones head over a pot of boiling water to inhale the dilatory…
2020 September

How gut health affects overall health

How gut health affects overall health The gut is the interior part of the body that spans from the mouth, all the way through the oesophagus, into the digestive tract, through the small intestine, then the large intestine, all the way to the colon. Every part of this amazing system is…