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2013 June

Inflammation explains link between stress and weak immune system

A study has shed light on the harmful impact of stress on the immune system.Stress appears to increase a person's risk of illness by reducing the body's ability to regulate inflammation, new research suggests.It has long been known that poorly managed psychological stress is associated with an increased risk of…
2013 June

Majority of women 'have never discussed bladder health with their GP'

A survey shows that many women are reluctant to discuss urinary symptoms with their doctor.Two-thirds of women have never had a discussion about bladder health with their doctor, a survey has found.Research conducted on behalf of healthcare company Allergan and endorsed by the Women's Health Foundation questioned more than 1,000…
2013 June

Conventional cancer treatments 'could become very expensive'

Immunotherapy is an exciting field of cancer research, but any new drugs are likely to be extremely expensive.Advances are constantly being made in the field of oncology, with immunotherapy representing a particularly exciting approach to cancer treatment.However, an article in the prestigious Nature journal has pointed out that these advances…
2013 June

Study links immune system to mood disorders

A large new study shows a link between immunity and the risk of mood disorders.Scientists believe a person's immune system may play a role in determining their risk of mood disorders, such as depression or bipolar disorder.Research conducted at Aarhus University and the University of Copenhagen in Denmark has found…
2013 June

Urinary incontinence can be mentally taxing for middle-aged women

Research has highlighted the major impact that urinary incontinence can have on women's mental wellbeing.Urinary incontinence is a common medical problem, but many middle-aged women who experience symptoms feel too embarrassed to discuss their condition.Researchers at the University of Adelaide recently asked women with urinary incontinence about how they cope…
2013 June

Tomato antioxidant may ease night-time prostate woes

A food supplement containing lycopene alongside a range of other nutrients, vitamins and minerals could be beneficial for men with an enlarged prostate.Men who regularly need to visit the bathroom at night due to prostate troubles may want to consider trying a natural supplement containing ingredients such as lycopene.A number…