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2013 July

Turmeric 'may improve liver function'

A study suggests that ingredients in the curry spice turmeric may help to support liver function.Substances in turmeric - a spice grown in India and commonly used for flavour and colour in curries - may help to support and improve liver function, a study has found.Scientists at Chonbuk National University…
2013 July

Antioxidant supplements 'may boost male fertility'

Antioxidant supplements may help to improve men's fertility, evidence suggests.Men with reduced fertility may benefit from taking a high-quality antioxidant supplement, research suggests.Experts at the New Jersey Medical School and Hackensack University Medical Centre in the US recently wrote about the link between antioxidant supplementation and improved male fertility in…
2013 July

Sleep deprivation may contribute to excessive worrying

People who are prone to worrying may benefit from regularly getting a good night's sleep, research suggests.People who suffer from sleep deprivation may start to display abnormal neural activity in their brain, similar to that seem in anxiety disorders, a study has found.Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, scanned…
2013 July

Green tea extract may improve blood sugar control

A review of research into green tea extract suggests it may be beneficial for blood glucose control.People who have trouble controlling their blood glucose levels may benefit from using supplements containing green tea extract, a large new review has concluded.Scientists at the Chongqing Medical Nutrition Research Centre in China searched…
2013 July

Study finds arsenic may accumulate in conventional chicken meat

Chickens that are not certified as organic may expose consumers to potentially harmful arsenic.People who choose to eat meat and do not opt for organic produce may be exposing themselves to the environmental contaminant arsenic, new research suggests.Scientists at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the US…
2013 July

New cancer drug stimulates the immune system but is years from reaching the clinic

Another study has added to the growing body of evidence supporting an immunotherapy approach in the fight against cancer.A novel type of cancer drug that fights bowel cancer by stimulating the immune system has shown promise in early testing, but it will be years before the treatment is ready for…