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2013 January

How to maintain bladder health

Maintaining a healthy bladder is something everyone needs to be aware of, regardless of their age.Bladder health can be a taboo issue, with many people wary of discussing their urinary incontinence problems or frequent urination.But, according to urogynecologist Dr Gunhilde Buchsbaum, there are many urinary concerns which men and women…
2013 January

Toxins 'could be putting children at risk of cancer'

Toxins in children's diets could be putting them at risk of developing cancer in later life.Pesticides and toxins used in growing fruit and vegetables could be putting young children at risk of developing cancer later on in life, according to new US research.A study of pre-school children showed that they…
2013 January

Low antioxidant levels linked to high blood pressure in PAD sufferers

PAD sufferers could be at risk of increased blood pressure due to low antioxidant levels.Low antioxidant levels have been linked to increased blood pressure during exercise for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) sufferers.PAD affects an estimated ten million people in the US alone and can increase the chance of death from…
2013 January

Grape seed extract 'helps fight infant stomach viruses'

Grape seed extract could be highly effective at preventing infant stomach viruses, research shows.Grape seed extract could be proficient at preventing infant stomach viruses, according to researchers.Scientists from Ghent University in Belgium have discovered that this natural product could be an effective alternative to vaccines in babies.This makes it particularly…
2013 January

What are the benefits of royal jelly?

What are the main benefits of incorporating royal jelly into one's diet?Royal jelly is renowned for its long list of health and wellbeing properties, with success stories dating back to the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.This natural superfood is derived from the pollen collected by bees and is a by-product of…