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2013 August

Antioxidants 'may treat neuropathic pain'

13th August 2013

Early research suggests antioxidants may help to treat neuropathic pain.

People with neuropathic pain - resulting from a problem in the nervous system - may benefit from taking a high-quality antioxidant supplement, new research suggests.

Scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston carried out a series of experiments on mice with neuropathic pain conditions.

In one of the studies, some mice were given an antioxidant compound for a week after the onset of their pain, while others were not.

The researchers found that mice that received the antioxidant demonstrated less behaviour associated with pain, indicating that they experienced less discomfort than the other animals.

When the scientists looked at the animals' spinal cords, they discovered that the antioxidant-treated mice had significantly higher numbers of nerve cells or 'neurons' that release a signalling chemical called GABA.

It is thought that these GABA neurons help to stop pain impulses, with uncontrollable pain developing if they die or stop working properly.

The findings raise the possibility that it may be possible to prevent or treat neuropathic pain by maintaining sufficient levels of GABA neuron activity, potentially by boosting a person's intake of antioxidants.

Professor Jin Mo Chung, senior author of the research in the journal Pain, explained: "GABA neurons are particularly susceptible to oxidative stress, and we hypothesised that reactive oxygen species contribute to neuropathic sensitisation by promoting the loss of GABA neurons as well as hindering GABA functions.

"By giving the antioxidant we lowered the pain behaviour, and when we look at the spinal cords we see the GABA neuron population is almost the same as normal. That suggested we prevented those neurons from dying, which is a big thing."

Professor Chung believes antioxidants could have an important role to play in treating neuropathic pain.

He concluded: "Neuropathic pain is very difficult to treat and I think this is a possibility, a good possibility."

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