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2023 November

Detox and Energise with Olivier Sanchez

Really Healthy TeamOlivier Sanchez, NT Dip, ND, NLP Coach, uses his extensive experience and expertise as a naturopath and nutritional therapist to create two definitive books on holistic methods to detox and energise the body: "Energise - 30 Days to Vitality" and "Detox Before Energise." His books, underpinned by his…
2023 October

The Best Nutrients for Protecting Prostate Health

Luisa Carugati, BA, DipCNM What are the best nutrients for protecting prostate health? Nutritionist, Luisa Carugati, presents some of the best nutritents for maintaining a healthy prostate.Even though prostate cancer (PC) is the most common cancer in men, the cause is largely unknown. There are many risk factors, such as age,…
2022 December

Could Cranberries Considerably Cut Your Risk of Dementia?

Luisa Carugati, BA, DipCNM I am not referring to The Cranberries, the Irish rock band from Limerick. I am talking about the bittersweet berry we tend only to love at Christmas. That is, unless it is my household. Then you will find them present & correct every Sunday lunch in a…
2022 December

Could Quinoa be a trend with benefits & put the brakes on early type 2 diabetes?

Trendy quinoa is not a grain, it is a seed, hence being defined as a pseudo-cereal. It is comparable as a plant to beetroot or spinach, and it is from  the Andean region of South America. People eat the leaves too. I have been eating it as a stable in…
2022 December

Healthy Weight Loss even over the Holidays

Luisa Carugati, BA, DipCNM Partial fasting or time-restricted eating has been shown to be the best means of keeping weight off even during festive times when we eat a lot of food.Have you been advised by a health practitioner that losing some weight, especially around the middle, would help your health?…
2022 October

London VegFestUK - 12th & 13th November 2022

We will be exhibiting at the London VegFestUK at Olympia next month. Come and visit us at stand PR3. For tickets, please visit london.vegfest.co.uk/tickets.
2022 October

Genetically Modified Herpes... to the rescue!?

Luisa Carugati, BA, DipCNM Vilified for centuries, herpes is making a comeback. A genetically modified version has been shown to have anti-cancer effects. So could this unwanted gift usually given by a simple goodbye kiss from your favourite auntie (that’s what they all say) really give advance cancer the thwack?A team…
2022 October

Let's go Green Bananas - A rich source of resistant starch

Luisa Carugati, BA, DipCNM Green bananas are generally something that most people avoid eating, waiting until they turn yellow with a few spots for maximum sweetness. But green bananas are rich in something called “resistant starch” — starches resistant to normal digestion — which carry through to the large intestine where…
2022 June

What is the Vagus Nerve and how does it help control our Mood?

Luisa Carugati, BA, DipCNM The vagus nerve is the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system. It plays a central role in “rest and digest” and this long nerve originates in the brain, and wanders through the thoracic cavity, connecting directly to many of our main organs such as the heart,…
2022 June

IHCAN 2022 Summit on Alzheimer's - 3 Sept 2022

Come and see us at the IHCAN 2022 Summit which is focused on reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease. There are two speakers -- Dr. Dale Bredesen, the world's leading authority on Alzheimer's, and Dr. Pete Williams, founder of Functional Medicine Associates in London. Dr. Bredesen will be presenting his…