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  December 2012 Newsletter

Dear Practitioner


Now that winter is in full swing and Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner, we look back over the past few months and report on some of the events that took place around the UK. Many of the conferences and seminars we have attended have been on the subject of cancer. While the thought of working with cancer can leave some practitioners unsure of the effectiveness of natural therapies, advances in research and an increase in positive results show how valuable integrative therapy really is.

Happy Holidays,

The Really Healthy Team


Birmingham Cancer Convention 21 Oct 2012

The Cambridge Institute of Complementary Health held their second Cancer Convention at the Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. The convention brought together eminent professionals both in the medical world and complementary health. We had the pleasure of attending the convention as well as nominating one of the speakers, Professor Rupert Handgretinger of the Children’s Hospital, University of Tubingen in Germany. Prof. Handgretinger, who was considered the star of the show, gave an impressive lecture about the important role Natural Killer cells play in the treatment of cancer. To view his lecture, please click on the link below.

Other speakers included Dr Damien Downing who spoke about the different nutritional factors that can be incorporated into a cancer treatment plan involving chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. Patricia Peat, an oncology nurse who now uses integrative therapy in her practice emphasised the case for using integrative therapy and how it can produce positive results. Renowned cancer specialist, Dr Patrick Kingsley, addressed the many causes of cancer and the various reasons why it develops.

Overall the convention was both enlightening and informative. The fact that it was attended by both professional therapists and members of the public alike highlights the growing interest in integrative therapy and the need for further education and research.

To learn more about the Cambridge Institute of Complementary Health visit their website at

Prof. Handgretinger’s Lecture

Interview with Prof. Handgretinger

Totnes Cancer Care Conference
17th & 18th Nov 2012

Following on from the controversy of last year’s conference, the Totnes Cancer Care Conference went off this year without a hitch. Deep in the heart of Devon, a dedicated team of both alternative and medical professionals came together to spread the word about the importance of taking our health into our own hands. Attending were members of the public as well as medical doctors and therapists. The main message was that as individuals it’s now more critical than ever that we educate ourselves about what is happening in both the medical arena and the food industry. Dedicated scientist Dr Robert Verkerk, founder of Alliance for Natural Health gave damning evidence for the case against GMO foods. A fierce proponent for the rights of the individual to be able to make their own informed choices about their health, he drew attention to the impact that the new regulations being metered out by European Food Safety Authority will have on the nutrition industry, not to mention our rights to freedom of speech.

We heard from both doctors and therapists about how their treatment of both cancer and other degenerative disease using natural therapies either alone or in conjunction with conventional treatment resulted in greater health and faster recovery for their patients.

Overall it was a positive and educational experience. We felt it encouraging to see the growing movement and demand for more validation and attention to be given to integrative treatments.

Click here to learn more about Totnes Cancer Care

Yes To Life Seminar - 24th Nov 2012

Kicking off a new series of seminars across the UK, Yes To Life, a charity that strives to help create positive futures for people suffering from cancer by supporting an integrative approach to cancer care, have organised a programme of education to teach people about natural treatment options that are available. We have the privilege of sponsoring these seminars helping to further the cause of natural treatments to improve quality of life.

This first seminar took place at the prestigious University of Westminster, London. The half day seminar was all about the value of making correct lifestyle choices in relation to cancer, weather for prevention or during treatment.

Professor Robert Thomas, consultant oncologist at Addenbrookes Hospital gave a talk about how crucial it is to reduce your exposure to harmful carcinogens while raising your levels of antioxidants to protect the body. Dr Marie Polley, Senior Lecturer in health sciences at Westminster University further emphasised the role your environment plays in your level of health and how you can improve your resistance to toxins.

To learn more about Yes To Life and the work they do click here

Upcoming Events

Integrative Oncology – Supporting People With Cancer

Dr Marie Polley has organised a series of short courses introducing Integrative Oncology for interested practitioners. Subjects such as Supporting Symptom Management and Therapeutic Strategies help you build solid foundation of knowledge from which to start treating patients using integrative therapies.

For more information and dates click here


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Enjoy The Holidays

That about wraps it up for our last newsletter of 2012. We do hope you enjoy reading them and find the content both interesting and useful. We are always happy to hear your comments and suggestions so please feel free to contact us at anytime.

It only remains to for all of us at The Really Healthy Company to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year with continued success.

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