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  Winter 2011 Newsletter


Dear Practitioner

Stop those revelling free radicals partying into the New Year!!

Season's GreetingsFor some of you (bah humbugs the exception), Christmas is a welcome relief as the winter evenings draw in. It is a time of year traditionally associated with heavy eating and merry making which can be fun, although the excess alcohol, sugar, fat and sedentary behaviour can take its toil and leave us feeling jaded in the New Year. Instead of waiting till January to purge our bodies, it is worth supporting our body's system with antioxidants and start the New Year with a spring in your step.

Antioxidants mop up harmful molecules called free radicals which are a normal by-product of our metabolism. The problem is free radicals are produced in much higher quantities as a result of poor diets with insufficient antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, fried and sugary food, insufficient sleep, excess alcohol and from smoking and polluted environments.

Without sufficient antioxidants to neutralise them, they can reach damaging concentrations, oxidising our cells in a similar way that air oxidises a newly cut apple, making it turn brown. Excessive oxidation can damage DNA, leading to abnormal cell growth and premature ageing. Free radicals also damage structural proteins such as the skin, the joints and blood vessels. In fact they are connected with most degenerative diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's, cancer, cataracts and diabetes.

What people often don't realise is that antioxidants work best when in synergy. It is better to take a mixture of antioxidants rather than rely on singular supplementation such as high dose vitamin C which some claim to be toxic in excess. Research has shown that antioxidants support and recycle each other, for instance vitamin E works better if it is supported by selenium. Food naturally contains an antioxidant blend; however our depleted soils mean that many fruits and vegetables lack nutrients such as selenium- an antioxidant mineral known for its anti-cancer benefits. As well as eating a balanced diet, best results come from extra supplementation with an array of well absorbed antioxidants.

So instead of reaching for confectionary laden with fat and sugar this Christmas, why not feast on nuts (brazil nuts are a source of selenium) and dried fruit (raisins rank among the top antioxidant foods.) Christmas pudding can be antioxidant rich. Even Brussels sprouts and cranberries are full of healthy plant chemicals. Try to buy local organic fresh produce and ensure vegetables are lightly steamed not boiled to minimise antioxidant losses. Small quantities of red wine are beneficial (found in mulled wine) due to its OPC grapeseed content - a bioflavonoid known for the French paradox which keeps the rate of heart disease low among those in Southern France.

A good antioxidant product on top will give that added protection and help minimise any hangovers on Christmas and New Years day!


AlphacurcuminAlpha-Guard- a unique full-spectrum antioxidant complete with OPC

Alpha-Guard Plus is a synergistic blend of antioxidant vitamins and minerals such as (vitamin C, E and A as beta-carotene, zinc and selenium). It also contains powerful antioxidant bioflavonoids such as green tea, bilberry and quercetin which provide natural anti-inflammatory support, natural anti-histamine for allergies as well as protecting connective tissues from further damage. It also contains OPC grape seed which has a potency many times higher than that of vitamin C and E and actually helps recycle them. It is very popular as an anti-ageing product for the skin.

Altogether this state of the art antioxidant packs a greater punch!


AlphaGuard PlusKlamath Blue Green Algae

Klamath Blue Green Algae®: the most nutrient dense and absorbable greenfood available. It provides a complete balance of bioavailable nutrients that make it one of the most nutritious foods on the planet — high in vitamins, minerals, essential fats and far more bioavailable to the body than standard multi vitamin and mineral formulations. Great for detoxing, weight control, energy and stress reduction!

AlphacurcuminKlamin - Klamath Blue Green Algae Extract

Don't forget Klamin our unique and innovative Klamath Blue Green extract product which can help lift your spirits, especially at this time of year when it is dark and cold outside and many of us are feeling the January blues ahead of time!

Along with the wide range of nutrients and antioxidants naturally found in Klamath Algae, Klamin contains especially high concentrations of a mood elevator known as phenylethalamine (PEA). This is a natural endorphin ("feel good" molecule) which we produce when we exercise or are in love. Small amounts are also found in chocolate. Unfortunately PEA is deficient in some individuals and with those who are depressed, anxious, menopausal or suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

AlphaGuard PlusNKCP Natto tabs - Helps your blood move around when you can't

Used for healthy blood flow, during flights and other travel, by those with sedentary lifestyles, circulatory problems and for cardiovascular support. May also help certain instances of cold hands, feet and stiff shoulders.

NKCP NattoTabs is a food extract clinically shown to help the body maintain optimum blood flow by increasing the body's natural control mechanisms that thicken & thin blood flow. NattoTabs contain an enzyme (nattokinase) extracted from a Japanese delicacy called natto — fermented soybeans renowned for over 2000 years in Asia for their health-giving properties, especially their support of the cardiovascular system. The product functions in a supportive manner controlling our body's own blood viscosity without compromising healthy blood clotting, making it a very safe supplement to take with no known side-effects. It is popular with individuals wishing to avoid the side-effects of aspirin. NKCP NattoTabs is useful to take during flights and other longer journeys. It is also helpful for those with a sedentary lifestyle (e.g. office workers or the bedridden), those with cardiovascular disease or at high risk of developing it (the over-weight, those with high blood pressure or cholesterol, smokers, diabetics). Plus those taking HRT or the pill (which increases the risk of thrombosis) may also benefit from circulatory support. A recent study on NKCP NattoTabs has also shown that it improves circulation in otherwise healthy individuals by reducing the following unpleasant symptoms: headaches, cold hands and feet, and neck stiffness.


Vitamin D - New Study published Sept 2011

Relationship Between Serum Vitamin D, Disease Severity and Airway Remodeling in Children with Asthma

Vitamin D is proving to be a 'wonder' vitamin for so many health issues. In a recent study Vitamin D was shown to reduce symptoms in children with Severe Therapy Resistant Asthma. The children had significantly lower Vitamin D levels compared with moderate asthma sufferers Published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, the official journal of the American Thoracic Society


New Products Introductory Offer

he Really Healthy Company has a reputation for supplying specialist niche and leading edge nutritional supplements that are supported by scientific studies. It is with this experience that we are pleased to launch a range of four products by Quantum Labs that are 100% natural, and they are uniquely formulated to give your body exactly what it needs and they do what other products simply can't do. We urge you to give them a go -- and feel the difference.

We now have two of the products in stock; Max B and Liquid Vitamin D3, which will be followed by the New Year by Bioactive CoQ10 and Natural Folate.

Vitamin DVitamin D3 - Immune Support - a natural source produced without hexane extraction

Quantum Vit D3 is a liquid D3 made without the use of toxic solvents such as hexane. It contains all natural ingredients such as olive oil and natural Vit E. Available in a convenient dropper bottle, 1 drop provides you with 400IU of Vit D3 as Cholecalciferol.

This nutrient plays many invaluable roles in our bodies:

  • Supports immune function
  • Necessary for strong and healthy bones
  • Needed for proper function of the thyroid
  • Helps in calcium absorption
  • Plays a role in cardiovascular function
  • Supports healthy inflammatory response
  • Needed for normal cell division

vitamin BVitamin B Complex - Metabolic Support - a natural source with a full spectrum and end-chain.

Max B delivers the full spectrum of B vitamins in their biologically active and methylated forms making them highly bio-available and easy to absorb. A process of fermentation using whole plant foods, herbs and spices by probiotic bacteria ensures that all the B vitamins are in a natural non-syntheitc food form that is easily recognised by the body.

B vitamins have important roles and functions in the body that include:

  • Normal cell energy production
  • Nervous system & psychological support (good for stress)
  • Maintenance of normal skin and mucous membranes
  • Immune system support
  • Normal cell reproduction


Until January 31st 2012, we are extending the normal 25% practitioner discount to 35%. The offer only applies to these products. Just telephone us your order on 020 8480 1000 or email quoting "QL intro".

Latest Studies
Effects of xylitol on metabolic parameters and visceral fat accumulation.
This study investigated the effects of dietary xylitol on lipid metabolism and visceral fat accumulation when fed a high-fat diet. Published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition. Vol. 49 (2011) , No. 1 1-7


Nutritionist Juliet Hayward Talks

Juliet HaywardFor those not able to make it along to the NutriCentre Bookshop, Park Crescent, 28 September 2011 for Juliet's talk on cardiovascularfollowing is the link for the webcast -

Length: 1 hour 17 minutes

Size: Video stream


Recent Press Focus

Woman’s Own - 10 October 2011

Woman’s Own magazine carried a “Case Study” article on Davina Madden, a lady who has used Biobran, Indol-3-Carbonol and Imusan to augment her treatment. Click here for a scan of this article.

CAM Magazine - October 2011

The professional Practitioner (Nutritionist) magazine published an article about our product AtheroShield entitled Phytosterols Help Control Cholesterol.

Click here for a scan of this article.

Thank you

Thank you for your custom in 2011 and we wish you, your family and friends a very healthy and happy 2012. From Everyone at The Really Healthy Company

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