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Look After Your Heart And You Look After Your Brain - Mar 2016
New research shows that keeping your heart healthy also means that you will have less brain and cognitive decline with age. This is nothing new to those who understand the holistic nature of the body, but it is an eye-opener from a reductionist modern medical perspective.

One Week on an Organic Diet can Reduce Pesticide Load by 90% - Jun 2015
New research has shown that just one week on an organic diet can reduce our pesticide load by 90%. This will make a significant difference overall to our risk of serious diseases such as cancer and are another reason to buy and eat organic food whenever possible.

Organic fruit and vegetables are twice as nutritious as non-organic foods and much less toxic - Apr 2015
Organic food is not a luxury but a necessity for anyone who wants optimum health. This is because a diet high in organic produce tends to be significantly lower in toxins and higher in nutrients. Whilst the toxic issue is pretty obvious, only now has its greater nutrient content been proved.

Intestinal bacteria impacts food transit through the gut - Apr 2014
Intestinal bacteria in our gut play a much larger role than just food digestion, for they are able to regulate other functions such as the immune system. And this is why a modern lifestyle and antibiotics, both of which destroy intestinal bacteria, are so devastating to health.

Heart disease similar for men and women, says study - Apr 2014
Contrary to what many doctors believe, once plaque starts to accumulate in the coronary arteries, the prognosis is very similar between men and women. Following on from this, muscle-strengthening and aerobic exercise has been shown to increase hormones that protect the brain.

New treatments for heart and endocrine disorders could be on the way - Mar 2014
The more brown fat we have in our bodies, the slimmer we tend to be. Brown fat is usually found in children and thought to decrease as we get older, which is why we get fat, but new studies show it is present in adults, opening the way to new treatments for obesity diseases.

Brain reward gene influences what we eat early in life - Mar 2014
Our genetic disposition plays an important role in deciding what foods we like to eat when we are younger. For example, if we carry the genetic allele that decreases dopamine function, we are more like to go for high fat and sugar comfort foods.

Rheumatoid arthritis, cancer link may present therapeutic potential - Dec 2013
A molecule called cadherin-11 seems to be prevalent in those with some cancers and rheumatoid arthritis, and both conditions also involve inflammatory responses. This common ground opens up new possibilities for treatment of both diseases.

Worldwide cardiovascular fitness in decline, says study - Nov 2013
Children today are not as fit as their parents were at the same age. This sad statistic bears witness to the decline in health and fitness that children in today's modern society are facing, a decline which will hit them later in life.

Diet of men with prostate cancer 'could affect outcomes' - Nov 2013
Diet affects the outcome of prostate cancer, a fact that anyone into natural health will already know applies to all cancers, although the medical profession is just coming to this realization with certain types of cancer.

Improved heart health linked to brushing teeth - Nov 2013
Regularly brushing our teeth and gums can significantly reduce the progression of atherosclerosis, which therefore reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Could probiotics be used to treat depression? - Nov 2013
As the intestinal microbial balance regulates inflammatory responses in the body, and as this in turn is now thought to modulate mood and behaviour, probiotics are now being considered for optimizing mental health.

Exercise during pregnancy recommended - Nov 2013
Exercise during pregnancy can boost the vascular function of the unborn child into adulthood, and strengthens the child's vascular walls.

Curcumin: What's all the fuss about? - Nov 2013
Curcumin is a powerful natural spice that new research suggests can be very helpful for a number of conditions, from cancer to degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Obesity 'behind increase in knee replacements' - Nov 2013
The rise in knee replacements is due to the obesity epidemic, new research that looked at records of more than 125 orthopaedic surgeons suggests.

Scientists discover obesity gene - Nov 2013
New research suggests that there really is an obesity gene that makes it much more likely that individuals with this particular gene will be obese.

Link between subclinical myocardial injury and sleep apnoea discovered - Nov 2013
New research suggests that there is a link between obstructive sleep apnoea and subclinical myocardial injury, indicating that those with OSA need to be checked for potential cardiovascular problems.

Are children affected by their mother's anxiety or depression? - Nov 2013
A new study suggests that mothers pass on tendencies to anxiety or depression in the first few years of a child's life, making the child much more likely to develop these problems later on in life.

Elderly 'should learn new skills' to keep their mind ticking over - Nov 2013
New research suggests that moving away from familiar territory and undertaking stimulating new skills could be the key to good mental health for the elderly.


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