Book Recommendations

What The F#@K Is Going On With Our Food & Drink / Wright
Kevin Wright's young son survived a Stage IV Neuroblastoma because his father, desperate to help him, decided to get educated to save his life. In doing so he discovered the shocking truth about modern food and its connection to cancer, obesity, stroke, type 2 diabetes and senile dementia. Wright then started a charity called Bobby's Fund to educate the world on his findings. This book is packed with information that can help anyone beat the odds in many hopeless medical situations.
Acid & Alkaline / Herman Aihara
Maintaining an alkaline balance in our bodies is important for health and in this book, Aihara outlines how different foods have alkaline, acid or neutral effects in the body once they have been digested, something that isn't always obvious from their initial state. For example, lemons are an extremely acid fruit, whereas they have an alkalining effect on the body.
Prescription for Nutritional Healing / Balch & Balch
This is one of the leading guides to natural health. Indexed like a home medical encyclopaedia, instead of outlining normal orthodox treatments, this highly informative and best selling book gives natural treatments using nutritional supplements and herbal remedies. Highly recommended.
The Tral and Persecution of Gaston Naessens / C. Bird
Coulter's review of this book is as follows: "Chris Bird's account of the 'Naessens Affair' is more than just one of character assassination… He enters into the social, psychological and political background of the establishments's hysterical opposition to innovation." The work of Naessens and before him Bechamp could well be the future of medicine.
Unnatural Harvest / Ingeborg Boyens
Boyens explores the issues of genetic engineering in a book that is a good introduction to the world of biotechnology and genetic engineering. In this book she tells us how commercial concerns have produced farming practices that are very different from those that most of us would picture in our minds.
The Little Earth Book / James Bruges
This may be a tiny book, readable in a single sitting, but it is an absolutely fantastic introduction to environmental issues and the problems in the world. Bruges covers every aspect of why the world is in such a dire state, devoting a couple of pages to each topic.
Lifesmart / Carole Caplin
Caplin is an experienced nutritionist and lifestyle expert with twenty years of experience helping men and women achive optimum health. Unlike many celebrity health "experts", Caplin really does know her stuff and her book is certainly the best in the "live well, feel good and look great" category that we have ever come across. Highly recommended.
Racketeering in Medicine / James Carter
In this well researched book Carter presents hard evidence and specific facts showing how the orthodox medical establishment are systematically crushing effective alternative therapies using their economic clout to launch campaigns of harassment, trumped-up charges and outright amoral behaviour.
Health Defence / Paul Clayton
This is an excellent book for those wanting to know exactly which food supplements are needed to maintain optimum health and to help restore balance in unhealthy bodies. It is also highly readable and each page contains interesting fact boxes.
Milk: The Deadly Poison / Robert Cohen
"Drink up your milk if you want to be strong and healthy" or "drink milk if you want strong bones". We have all heard this rubbish at some point in our lives but, as Cohen points out in this great book, milk is actually a toxic substance which can produce an array of ailments in humans. It also contains growth hormones that have been shown to stimulate cancer cells.
Conscious Eating / Gabriel Cousens
Gabriel Cousens is a doctor who runs the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in the United States, and this book is the culmination of his experience and experimentation with various diets. The book contains a great deal of useful information, especially on vegetarianism, although the raw food aspect of the book might be too drastic for most people.
Genetically Engineered Food / R. Cummins & B. Lilliston
In this book, t he authors weigh up the promises of new food technologies against the risks that are being taken away from public awareness. Included is information on what consumers can do to protect themselves from becoming unwitting participants in this heinous global experiment being undertaken by the biotech multinationals.
Healing Beyond The Body / Larry Dossey
In this book Dossey explains how the meaning that a person assigns to his or her illness is an essential component in whether and how soon he or she recovers. From here, Dossey goes on to explore the power of the mind over the body and how the mind even survives the death of the body. This is an inspiring book.
Sweeten Your Life the Xylitol Way / Karen Edwards
Xylitol is fast becoming the healthy alternative to sugar. It is good for the teeth and very low glycaemic. This is the first cookbook for those who wish to cook with Xylitol.
Fats that Heal Fats that Kill / Udo Erasmus
Every get confused over which fats and oils really are good for you? This is the definitive book on all aspect of fats in the diet. Essential fatty acids which are present in seeds and fish are essential for the maintenance of good health, and yet you don't hear a lot about this vital nutritional factors.
Supercharge Your Immunity / Norman D. Ford
The title says it all, this is a great book on natural methods to boost your immune system. Includes information on diets and supplements., as well as a good basic description of the immune system.
Living Proof / Michael Gearin-Tosh
Gearin-Tosh discovered that he had bone marrow cancer when he was 54. This is the story of his quest to manage and overcome his illness and his determination not to be coerced by specialists, the NHS and even colleagues into joining programmes of invasive treatments. This is not a "how-to" book, rather an account of one man's quest to listen to his own inner voice of intuition rather than assuming that doctors know best.
Vibrational Medicine / Richard Gerber
This is the classic bestseller that firmly establishes the existence of the body's subtle energetic systems. Gerber provides an encyclopaedic treatment of energetic healing, covering subtle-energy fields, acupuncture, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, radionics, crystal healing, electrotherapy, radiology, chakras, meditation, and psychic healing.
The Gerson Therapy / Charlotte Gerson & Morton Walker
This is an uptodate and accessible account of one of the first alternative cancer therapies that has been used with some success for over 60 years. By consuming large quantities of specific vegetable and fruit juices, we are able to change our body's chemistry and increasing our chance of recovery. This book is not only for cancer sufferers, but also for people with conditions such as AIDS, hepatitis, emphysema and fibromyalgia.
Genetic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare? / Mae-Wan Ho
Thank you Dr. Ho for writing a book that most biologists, in the interest of maintaining their reputations and lucrative research contracts, would not have the courage the write. Genetic Engineering covers everything from the bad science involved to a look at the values of society that could allow such activity to take place. As she says in her book: "We must act now if we are to stop the dreams turning into nightmares…"
The Optimum Nutrition Bible / Patrick Holford
A fantastic all-round nutritional books which is easy to read and informative. Patrick Holford is emerging as a leading light in the nutritional sector. Highly recommended.
Your Health at Risk / Toni Jeffreys
A no nonsense guide to all aspects of alternative health from GM food, cholesteral and vaccinations to mercury fillings, margarine and antibiotics. This highly informative book, by a health jounalist in New Zealand, represents 20 years of her research into health-both orthodox and unorthodox.
OPC: The Miracle Antioxidant / Chris Kilham
This book examines the discovery and benefits of one of nature's most powerful antioxidants - OPC - which is extracted from grape seeds.
God Gave Me Another Day / Barbara Kimbley
This book is the journal of a woman diagnosed with late stage (3 to 4) and aggressive Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma in April 2000. Kimbley included BioBran MGN-3 in her treatment regime and strongly believes that it was instrumental in helping her prolong her life. (As of 2005, she is still alive and well.) Worth a read if you are considering taking BioBran.
The Medical Mafia / Guylaine Lanctot
Lanctot went to court over this fantastic book because the medical establishment that she takes to task were unhappy at a mutineer in their ranks. During the trial she told her accusers, "I am a free physician." and with that simply walked out. Freedom is actually the message in her book: we should all be free to follow the treatments that we feel are right for us.
Immune Power / I. William Lane & Linda Comac
Looks into natural supplements, such as Arabinoxylan, that are able to supercharge the immune system. Also has useful tips and a good basic description of how the immune system works.
Mindfulness / Ellen Langer
Langer shows the power of the mind over the body and the brain. Engage the mind, and the whole physiology of the body changes; really believe that you are younger and your body will be younger. New age drivel? Ellen Langer is Professor of Psychology at Harvard University! A must read for everyone, especially resigned to loosing their faculties as they grow older.
Hope's Edge / Frances Moore Lappe
In this book, Lappe presents updated information that includes genetically engineered foods, worldwide famine and the growth of obesity in Western countries. She also introduces us to pioneers in different parts of the world who have transformed their lives and their communities into veritable Edens.
The Field / Lynne McTaggart
The book is a marvellous introduction to some of the most important alternative scientific research that has been conducted over the last century in the area of an all-pervading field of quantum energy called the zero-point field which connects everything in the universe, and neatly presents a single theory for such diverse systems as the workings of DNA, homeopathy and ESP.
Permaculture / Bill Mollison
One of the very best and most detailed books on all aspects of permaculture which should be essential reading for this book is for all students, landowners, public-policy makers, and others interested in revolutionizing modern farming and land use. Dr. Mollison was a co-founder of the entire permaculture movement, and his wisdom and experience shines through in every page of this book.
Questioning Chemotherapy / Ralph Moss
Ralph Moss is a researcher and journalist who has carefully looked at all aspects of chemotherapy. As each year more and more people undergo this treatment, it is about time an independent academic asked whether it is safe, effective or even necessary. The results are shocking… chemotherapy is often untested, unsafe and ineffective. In fact, the overall success rate that Moss has found for this treatment is 7%!
Your Life in Your Hands / Jane Plant
Plant's is an eminent scientist who suffered from breast cancer five times before she learned of the relationship between diet and the disease. This book is well worth reading, although it is quite 2-dimensional in its approach and should be read with other alternative treatment books.
Beating Cancer with Nutrition / Patrick Quillin
This book outlines how nutrition can significantly help in the fight against cancer and outlines a diet and supplement combination (including herbal treatments) specifically for the job. Quillin also presents scientific evidence to support his treatment program. Make sure you get the updated second edition with the cover illustrated.
Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks… / Matthias Rath
This book outlines nutritional solutions to cardiovascular disease and how it is actually poor nutrition that is the cause of so much modern suffering. Dr. Rath also describes how there has been a sustained effort by the global drug companies to outlaw natural effective remedies that are directly competing with harmful and ineffective drugs.
Diet For A New America / John Robbins
A fantastic book that focuses on the health aspects of our current meat-cantered culture. Robbins goes into detail on how excess meat in the diet is one of the leading causes in everything from heart disease to food poisoning, and he backs up his claims with substantial amounts of research and documentation.
Fast Food Nation / Eric Schlosser
Fast food nation is not only a strong critique of the fast food industry, but it presents this industry as the capitalism and self-interest taken to the extreme. Schlosser however shows that the major corporations' economic clout and desire to homogenize the food has had an extremely deleterious effect on the landscape, society and its workforce.
Gardening For The Future of The Earth / Shapiro & Harrison
If you want to change the world, you need to start in your own back garden. The authors give invaluable advice on saving seeds, maintaining plant diversity, building soil, reusing water, biointensive raised beds and gaining maximum productivity from a plot. Included in the book are many practical examples and the advice from several other different experts.
Why Therapy Doesn't Work / David Smail
Smail champions the ordinary individual in this book (actually an amalgamation of two books) by showing that neurotic afflictions in our society are actually a natural response to living in a dysfunctional society. Showing how the roots of much of our suffering is the objectification of the individual, Smail goes on to suggest how we can avoid therapy by nurturing and caring for others.
Secrets Of The Soil / Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird
The title sounds like something that would only interest a hard-core permaculturalist or commune hippy, but it is actually one of those books whose with a remarkably broad scope, bringing together everything from biodynamic agriculture to nature spirits. This book brings the real hope of a bright future for our current destructive farming practices.
Dirty Medicine / Martin J. Walker
Few would have the courage or the tenaciousness, as Walker has, to single-handedly take on the entire pharmaceutical industry in this expose of its immoral, deceitful, corrupt and greedy practices. You won't find Dirty Medicine in many bookshops because the industry has fought so hard in trying to get it banned. (ISBN: 0 9519646 0 7)


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