Do you know John Rochfort?


Can you help us find John Rochfort, a specialist in pharmaceutical packaging?

Do you know where John Rochfort is currently living and working?

We are looking for a 71 year-old man called John D. Rochfort who very briefly did some consultation work for us in 2007, before doing a disappearing act.

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John Rochfort is well-spoken and has worked in the pharmaceutical packaging industry for much of his professional career. Over the last 15 years, he has worked for (either as an employee or on a commission-only basis) the following companies in chronological order:

Wasdell Packaging Limited in Wiltshire

Reelvision Print Limited in Lancashire

Honeywood Limited in Northamptonshire

We do not know where he is working now. Rochfort's most recent email address is/was (he no longer replies to it) and his private email was (which is no longer functional).

We know that until November 2010, John Rochfort had a property in France which he recently sold: La Vieille Grange, Tierchateau, 24530 La Chapelle Faucher, France. A few years ago we tracked him down using a private investigator to Willoughby on the Wolds, Loughborough.

We are hoping that someone knows where John Rochfort is living and working in the UK. Rochford owes money to both the directors and the company.

Many thanks for your help

Andrew Patterson

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