Vitamin Health Supplements

Adequate vitamin supplementation is vital for optimum cellular function

A vitamin is an organic compound that is required in small amounts to maintain normal metabolic function, although higher doses are often used therapeutically.

Our modern farming methods however have resulted in the steadily decreasing vitamin content of our food, and taken together with an increasing toxic load in our bodies which often requires or uses up vitamins more quickly, and the stress of modern living (which also uses up more vitamins), we can understand why many health experts recommend some form of vitamin supplementation.

It is important when choosing a vitamin supplement to take into consideration quality and absorbability, as well as quantity.

Vitamin B Complex - Max B-ND

The B Vitamins, known collectively as Vitamin B-complex, are nutrients that are vital for healthy cell metabolism as well as many other vital functions. Max B-NT by Premier Research Labs is a naturally-sourced, whole food, probiotic cultured, end-chain liquid Vitamin B complex that contains methylated forms of the B vitamins, making it one of the most absorbable and bioactive Vitamin B Complexes available.

D3 Serum - Natural

Vitamin D3 is now regarded as a very important nutrient for helping us to maintain optimum health. It supports immune function, bone health, calcium absorption, cardiovascular function, as well as having other important functions. Vitamin D3 by Premier Research Labs is naturally-sourced and produced without solvent extraction.

Eniva Vibe

Eniva Vibe Eniva Vibe is an full-spectrum liquid nutrient supplement that provides a convenient, great-tasting and highly-absorbable way of receiving balanced nutrition. In fact, even those who regularly take vitamin and mineral supplements may notice a difference changing to this liquid product.

Lugol's Iodine

Eniva Vibe Lugol's Iodine Solution is one of the most effective iodine supplements. It was originally developed as an antiseptic and disinfectant, and is considered to be one of the safest sources of elemental iodine, an important mineral for blocking absorption of unhealthy forms of iodine.

Premier Magnesium

Alpha-Guard AntioxidantPremier Magnesium is a highly absorbable form of magnesium with added natural flavouring to make it refreshingly palatable. It contains magnesium lactate, which is a highly bioavailable and digestable form of magnesium. It also has natural flavourings added to give it a refreshing watermelon flavour without added suger, and has no fillers, preservatives or artificial additives, and is vegan.



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