Skin Care

Products that help us maintain healthy and young-looking skin

For skin care to be effective, the products used must be nutritive and highly absorbed. The problem with many products on the market today is that they contain a chemical cocktail of ingredients that could be harmful in the long-term.

There are four basic ways to maintain healthy skin. The first is topically with natural creams and lotions (see below). The second is to avoid overexposure to the sun and to polluted city air. The third, because the skin is the body's largest organ of elimination, is to drink plenty of water and eat a clean diet, both of which help reduce the toxins that the body needs to push out through it. And the fourth is to take supplements that supply the deeper layers of our skin with the nutrients necessary to minimize natural deterioration.

If we get these three factors right, we can maintain a youthful-looking appearance.

BeeBetter Balm

Line Softener Face CreamBeeBetterTM Beeswax Balm has been formulated to improve the texture and the condition of the skin, and to help to heal blemishes. It is a powerful traditional remedy for dry and sensitive skin, and one that is suitable for wounds, burns, bruises, eczema and skin irritations.

AlphaGuard Plus

Alpha-Guard AntioxidantAlpha-Guard Plus is a new vastly improved version of our superlative full-spectrum antioxidant complex which offers unparalleled protection from harmful cellular oxidation — a primary cause of cellular deterioration and premature ageing. It also contains specific nutrients to protect the eyes from oxidative damage.



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