Royal Jelly Supplements

Need more energy? Need more natural vitality?

Need an energy boost? A lot of our tiredness is a result of poor nutrition. We eat high-glycemic diets (rich in foods that release sugars quickly into the blood) that provide little of the vitamins and minerals that we need for super vitality. The supplements below help to provide some of the nutrients that we need to gain more energy and vitality (although we do also recommend a low-glycemic diet in order to experience optimum vitality).

Royal Jelly should not be underestimated. Although the amounts of nutrients are small, the effect reported is always significant.

Fresh Royal Jelly (Cornucopia)

Liquid algae - Energy PowerCornucopia's renowned fresh Royal Jelly was harvested in natural settings within the EU and is also amongst the most popular brands available on the market. Royal Jelly has been recognized for its health-giving properties for many thousands of years and now has a high profile thanks to well-known users such as Jerry Hall and the late Barbara Cartland. This is the highest quality Royal Jelly.

Fresh Royal Jelly (BeeBetter Organic)

Liquid algae - Energy PowerOur fresh, organic royal jelly comes from the heart of undisturbed Spanish countryside and was harvested using traditional methods committed to preserving nature and providing exceptionally pure, 100% certified organic royal jelly for your care. This remarkable elixir has a powerhouse of nutrients to keep you healthy and make you feel like the queen bee.




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