Immune System Supplements

Immunomodulators for helping the body optimize immune function

The immune system in our bodies is an enormously complex and intelligent metabolic system that maintains the integrity of our bodies. It consists of an enormous army of specialist cells, messenger molecules and biological memory able to identify and destroy most intruders and abnormal cells, something that is so essential for health and well-being that without it we would die within a day or two.

With the stresses of modern life, the decreasing nutritional value of our diets, and the chemical load we are now exposed to (from our diet, the air we breath, the water we drink and the pharmaceuticals that we take), our immune systems don't usually function in the optimal way that they are supposed to.

The supplements below can be helpful to the maintenance of a healthy and effective immune system.

Biobran Plus

BioBran Plus is one of the most effective natural food supplements available for helping the body maintain a strong and healthy immune system. This supplement contains added Vitamin D3 and inactive yeast.


MicroMax™-80 is a naturally fermented live probiotic supplement that supplies 80 strains of essential living micro-organisms for a really healthy gut. For fermentation, organic molasses is used, with over 40 different Alphine herbs added in order to supply antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The sugar is used up in the fermentation process making MicroMax-80 safe for diabetics, and it can also be used to treat those with Candida.

Medpro Artemisinin

ImuprosArtemisinin (Quinghao Su) is a an extract from the herb sweet wormwood (artemisia annua). It is chemically a sesquiterpene lactone with an unusual peroxide bridge in its structure, which allows it to release reactive oxygen species in specific circumstances, helping to support the immune system.

Vitamin D3 Serum - Natural

Vitamin D3 is now regarded as a very important nutrient for helping us to maintain optimum health. It supports immune function, bone health, calcium absorption, cardiovascular function, as well as having other important functions. Vitamin D3 by Premier Research Labs is naturally-sourced and produced without solvent extraction.

Premier CoQ10

Premier CoQ10 from Premier Research Labs is a naturally fermented CoQ10 that contains the more effective trans isomeric form of this vital nutrient for advanced cariovascular, nerve, brain and immune support. The manufacture of Premier CoQ10 does not use polysorbate 80 (an emulsifier made from polyethoxylated sorbitan), undesirable flowing agents or other excipients.



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