Digestion, Enzymes & Probiotics

Supplements for aiding the stomach, digestion and the body. Includes Serrapeptidase (Serrapeptase) formula.

The Digestive System is central not only to our food digestion and absorption, but also to our immunity and emotional wellbeing. Poor digestion can lead to a host of issues, both physical and emotional.

Enzymes are usually a central part of any natural supplements aimed at digestion because these proteins are central to the process of digesting food. Indeed, our bodies produce enzymes for digestion, but often not sufficient for optimum health, especially due to the strain put on our systems by modern diets, pollution and chronic stress.

Enzymes are not only important for food digestion, but can also be used systemically to digest extraneous proteins and tissues in the body like scar tissue and cell clump coatings, as well as helping to reduce inflammation.


MicroMax™ is a biodynamically fermented live effective microorganism supplement that supplies both aerobic and anaerobic essential living micro-organisms for a really healthy gut. For fermentation, organic molasses is used, with over 40 different Alphine herbs added in order to supply antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The sugar is used up in the fermentation process making Micromax safe for diabetics, and it can also be used to treat those with Candida.

GastroVen (formerly known as Botanical Stomach Complex)

GastroVen (Botanical Stomach Complex) by Premier Research Labs is a broad spectrum stomach and digestive support, and is especially helpful for those with highly sensitive stomachs. This unique stomach formula contains specific nutrients selected from the highest quality plant sources, nutrients that can be helpful with the stomach and digestive tract, helping to balance digestion.

Premier Digest (formerly known as Enzyme Formula)

Premier Digest (Enzyme Formula) by Premier Research Labs is a supplement containing a broad spectrum of the most potent and purest source of plant enzyme protease, amylase and lipase, as well as invertase, lactase, maltase and cellulase. This is a general digestion support formula that helps break down protein, starch, fat, lactose, sugar and fiber.

Premier Digestase SP (formerly known as Enzyme-SP Formula)

Premier Digestase SP (Enzyme-SP Formula) by Premier Research Labs is a supplement containing Serrapeptidase proteolytic enzymes for advanced digestion. This advanced enzyme formulation contains two categories of enzymes: peptidase and serrapedptidase for breaking down and digesting proteins; and hemicellulase, beta-glucanase, glucoamylase and alpha-galactosidase enzymes for breaking down and digesting carbohydrates.

Premier HCL (formerly known as Betaine)

Premier HCL (Betaine) by Premier Research Labs is a supplement containing betaine (trimethylglycine) hydrochloride (HCl). This combination aids protein digestion and microbial protection. Betaine should ideally taken with Premier Research Labs' HCL Activator (see below).

Premier HCL Activator (formerly known as Phytrix)

Premier HCL Activator (Phytrix) by Premier Research Labs is a supplement containing a broad-spectrum of minerals and antioxidants that should ideally be taken in conjunction with Premier HCL (see above). This combination supports detoxification and the entire immune system. Premier HCL Activator also supports the breakdown of polysaccharides.



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