AtheroShield 90caps
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Cholesterol Control

Supplements that help our bodies control excess cholesterol

Cholesterol is a natural, vital substance produced by animals and humans, but the problem occurs when it exceeds certain levels and contributes to the formation of a fatty blockages known as plague which can occur inside the heart's coronary arteries (arteriosclerosis) and block the supply of oxygen to the heart causing a heart attack (heart disease is still the number one killer in Western societies). Alternatively, cholesterol can be deposited in brain arteries, contributing to a stroke.

Research indicates that phytosterols appear to be quantitatively as important to cholesterol lowering as reducing saturated fat consumption. They are also totally safe and without any potential side-effects.


AtheroShield is a new natural health supplement that contains a unique combination of plant extracts called phytosterols that have been shown to help the body control blood cholesterol. (This product will be available in 2015)



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