Cardiovascular System Health

Supplements that feed our cardiovascular system

The cardiovascular system is the whole blood circulatory network comprising our blood, heart, arteries, veins and capillaries. This vital system is responsible for supplying our cells with nutrients and oxygen, and removing waste products including carbon dioxide.

The cardiovascular system is one of the most sensitive biological systems in our bodies to poor diet, toxins and lack of exercise, which is why cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death, by far, worldwide. If we make our lifestyle choices cardiovascular-friendly, we are likely to benefit in practically all other areas of our health and well-being.

Central to cardiovascular health is a healthy diet low in fast-release sugars, and plenty of regular exercise. And of course no smoking!

NKCP Nattokinase

Alpha-Guard AntioxidantNatto NKCP contains an enzyme extracted from a Japanese delicacy called natto — fermented soybeans renowned for over 2000 years for its nutrients. Natto has often been associated with the vascular system and is a health food in Japan. NKCP contains no Vitamin K2.

AlphaGuard Plus

Alpha-Guard AntioxidantAlpha-Guard Plus is a new vastly improved version of our superlative full-spectrum antioxidant complex which offers unparalleled protection from harmful cellular oxidation — a primary cause of cellular deterioration and premature ageing. It also contains specific nutrients to protect the eyes from oxidative damage. Does not contain fillers or other excipients.

Premier DHA (Vegetarian Omega-3)

Alpha-Guard AntioxidantOmega-3 fatty acids are essential fats and so they must be supplied by the diet. The most important of these is DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), which is a long-chain type of Omega-3 fatty acid essential for the healthy functioning of the brain, nervous system, cardiovascular system and, in children, eye tissue development. Premier DHA is a vegetarian and clean-source of DHA.



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