Yes To Life – Integrative Cancer Approaches


YES TO LIFEYES TO LIFE is a new and increasingly high-profile UK charity that has been set up to support an integrated approach to cancer care.

Orthodox medicine has much to offer in the field of cancer treatment, and it is heavily supported by government subsidy and by major charities like Cancer Research UK. However, a large proportion of the population either cannot or choose not to undertake the main orthodox treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is either because their cancer is too advanced or because they are aware that these procedures can be extremely debilitating and are only successful in a small percentage of cases.

YES TO LIFE is a charity that was set up to help these people by supporting the latest and most effective alternative and complementary treatments for cancer. Whilst other European countries like Germany and Switzerland have well-established and successful programs to provide more of a broad integrative approach to cancer, such programs are not generally available in the United Kingdom.

Here is a promotional video of a one-day event organized by YES TO LIFE:

The aims of YES TO LIFE are to:

  • Improve access to and acceptance of alternative cancer treatments in the UK
  • Provide a point of contact or support
  • Promote an integrated approach to cancer care within the NHS
  • Provide information on alternative and complementary treatments, practitioners and suppliers

And they will achieve this by:

  • Developing plans for direct provision of alternative cancer treatments within the UK
  • Developing a comprehensive 'one stop' web service to provide high quality information and to establish a live forum for sharing of information and treatment results
  • Working with the NHS to promote access to information, advice and support for alternative treatments

This video gives a taster of the sort of one-day or half-day seminars that YES TO LIFE organise in different places around the UK:

If you or a loved one is interested or has benefited from integrated cancer approaches that involve alternative and complementary treatments, please consider giving a donation to YES TO LIFE. Although founded only a few years back, this organisation has already helped thousands of people.


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