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Back2Health RadioBACK2HEALTH RADIO is a new internet radio chatshow that is streamed on the first Tuesday of every month. It is hosted by the inspirational Fiona Shakeela Burns who is a herbalist and a Psych-K/EFT practitioner who works out in the West Country. Fiona's practitioner website is:

What makes Fiona extraordinary is that she herself faced "incurable" cancer twice and both times managed to cure herself by natural means. This has given her the unshakable belief that nothing is "incurable", no matter what any highbrow medical consultant says. And this was the inspiration for this radio talkshow: Fiona wanted to interview inspirational speakers about the "death sentences" that they once faced and how they overcame them.

One example is the incredible Jerome Braggs, who with AIDS and renal failure and just 48 hours to live, managed to cure himself by a deep spiritual process of self-love and acceptance. (You can hear his story in No.4.)

Here are recordings of the show so far:

For more recent radio shows, please visit:

Mar 2015: Guests: Phil Huges, Angel Howerton
Feb 2015: Guests: Laura Wilson, Nathan Lloyd Hewitt, Jada Castellari (Guest host: Ben Lowrey)
Jan 2015: Guests: Dr Judy Seeger, Puja, Free Cannabix and Ben Lowry
Dec 2014: Guests: Jerome Braggs (cured himself of AIDS and kidney failure)
Nov 2014: Guests: Sharon Davies (dealing with anxiety & stress)
Oct 2014: Guests: Jonathan Coleman, David Holden
Sep 2014: Guests: Kavi Jessie Hockaday, Martin Jones, Sasha Allenby
Aug 2014: Guests: Jessica Richards, Nina Joy, Ann Devlin


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